Monday, July 17, 2017

Colorado - October 2016 [long overdue]

Well to say that this blog post is super long overdue is a complete & utter understatement. As you probably saw in October of last year (2016), my mom & I went to Colorado. We rented a car & literally drove to every place you can possibly think of. 
The trip was completely amazing & I am so glad that my mom and I could take such an incredible trip together. As you saw in a previous post, one of the places we visited Echo Lake/Idaho Springs. We also visited a handful of other incredible places. 

Georgetown Train & Clear Creek
This was a small little town that we stopped in & took a little train ride. The train ride was so nice -- we were able to see such incredible views. And right at the train station was a spring that they use to make Coors Light beer. That was my Dad's favorite beer -- and when I took a picture of it a great burst of sunshine appeared in the picture and I know it was him. 

Continental Divide

Aspen was everything I dreamt of and more. The weather was perfect in October -- we were able to open all the windows during the night. the leaves were so colorful & the views from our room were remarkable. 
This was one of my most favorite places we visited because it just felt super cozy. We weren't here for very long but it was nice while it lasted. We walked/drove around & stopped at a nice little cafe which offered gluten free & vegan foods. 

This is where I was born. We visited the house I lived in when I was a baby and my mom showed me the places she & my dad worked and the other places around town that they lived before I came along. It was nice to see where my mom and dad spent a lot of their life. And it was nice to be able to allow my mom to take a stroll down memory lane. 
I didn't take many pictures here... but here is a picture of the house I grew up in.

Colorado Springs 
Again, this place was amazing... So beautiful & peaceful!! We strolled around for the longest time & I could've taken a million more photos.

Colorado Zoos 
I love seeing animals & the zoos were beautiful but I cannot help but feel so terribly sad that the animals are in such small spaces to live in. Overall, the views from the actual zoos were beautiful & I love seeing all different species of animals. We had a good time at both zoos with lots of walking around & surprisingly it was super warm on the days we chose the zoo. So much for the coats and scarves we brought, ha! 

Pike's Peak

Here are some extra photos from cruising around Colorado... 

Such a wonderful trip & I cannot wait for the next one.