Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lovely And Oh-So-Pinteresting- Outdoors

I am been pinning like a made woman, so I figured I would get back into the Lovely and Oh-So-Pinteresting posts. For some reason, I have been obsessed with all things outdoors, which is weird because  I live in (so-hot-you-feel-like-your-suffocating) Florida. 

Lately, I have been adding a few little touches on our patio so when it does cool off outside (if it ever does) we can hang out and enjoy it. We put up a string of outdoor lights, got a few lanterns, and a shelf for my ever growing collection of plants. 
I really want to get some new furniture, but the only ones that I have found so far are beyond expensive. So my search continues... 
In the meantime, I am just going to drool and lust over my Outdoor Oasis Pinterest album. 

Another thing that I am obsessing over is picnics... I have not been on a picnic in so many years. I told my husband that the minute it gets cooler outside we were going to go on one. He said okay, so naturally I have been planning since. There are so many cute boxes and utensils available all over Etsy, which made me super excited!! 

So what's your favorite patio accessory? Or picnic ideas? 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Are you pregnant? When are you & your husband going to try for a baby? What are you waiting for? Do you just not want kids? Together for 10+ years and no kids?! You're tired, you must be pregnant! 

These are comments and questions that are heard on a weekly basis.. And something I wasn't going to blog about, but decided, what the hell since it's driving me bananas!

I cannot even tell you the number of times, since our engagement, that people have asked about us being pregnant. It truly is so bothersome to me...

If you know me, than you know that my dream in life is to...
Get pregnant!
Tell our family in the most creative way possible about being knocked up (I have so many ideas already!!)
Have a huge gender reveal party (Even more ideas...)
See our parents reaction when they meet their grandchild (I get the chills thinking about this...)
Watch my husband become a Daddy to our babies (my heart is exploding with this thought!)
And for me to be a mommy 

There are lots of things that people want, but there is a time and place for everything. My husband and I want a strong marriage, be financially prepared (yes, I know! no one is never financially ready...), and super healthy before bringing a baby into the world. We are also enjoying our time together, building our home together, and growing into our roles in our career.

So to everyone and their mommas out there-- Here are your answers, so do not ask me again!

No, I am not pregnant, yet!
My husband and I hope (God willing) to start our family early next year.
We are waiting for when we are ready, not for when everyone else is ready.
Yes, we want children more than anything.
And a sore throat, headache, or tired doesn't mean I am pregnant!

I want kids so badly and I literally dream about it. Call me crazy, I also have a stash of goodies that I buy for our future babies nursery. I figure if it is on sale, unisex, and cute- then I am buying it. As long as it's not furniture, swings, strollers, etc... I am good & no jinxes here. Don't worry-- my husband knows about it & he is totally good with my craziness.   

Target Bin & Owl Bank| Pier One Owl 
Happy Baby Making to all you Lovers out there !!! :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life Lately...

My life lately in photos... 

Driving down to Spring Hill to visit my Dad & his wife. On the drive down, you see lots & lots  of cows, crops, and hills. It is actually peaceful and makes me want to bring a four-wheeler out & ride around. 
There are several pretty plants are my Dad's house- they were all blooming & so pretty! 

While I was visiting, we did some not-so-fun stuff too. My Dad had radiation, so I went with them to the VA hospital. As of today, he has 26 radiation/5 chemo treatments left. 

My pops... I love him so much & it truly breaks my heart into a million pieces knowing that he's sick.  Cancer is the worst, more despicable thing on this planet. If cancer was a person, I would beat the shit out of it.  

This is Beary. She is my super talented fur niece. She seriously makes a bad day turn good. Aside from her dagger teeth, she is the sweetest, prettiest pup in the world! 

Sweet puppy & in a matter of seconds, she turns into crazy bat dog. 

Visits with Pops and his wife = love 

I decided that since I cannot be with my Dad everyday or even every weekend, that I would make or buy a card  for him to open everyday of his treatment. I cannot imagine what he is going through... as this time truly f*!%ing sucks! I wanted to be able to boost his spirits with the cards. So that means there's 35+ cards... 
Life is all about being with the ones you love and I am doing just that... :) 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

DIY- Photo Garland

I am at it with the DIY projects again. I haven't really branched out to super hard DIY projects because quite frankly anything that involves refurbishing chairs or spray painting things just isn't up my alley. When they are attempted, we know how they turn out (disastrous).

We added a photo gallery wall right above our sectional in the living room. I love the way it looks, but wanted to add a little sparkle to it. 

I just cut out little tiny flags out of white, ivory, and gold glitter paper. 

Then I used a short piece of string & hot glued the little flag pieces to the string.  

It was super easy to do. The hardest part was trying to get them up on the frames (short girl problems). 

Mr & Mrs Print 

Oh My Deer. I love You Print  
I really like the way that it looks. It spruces it up a little. My husband is also so thrilled about the garland obsession that is taking over the house (insert sarcasm). 
Speaking of the gallery wall, I have decided that I am going to buy two more frames and put them on the sides of what we already. I might buy some more prints from the wonderful SS Print Shop, use some more black and white photos, or use one of each.     

Pretty cute photo gallery wall, huh!? Stayed posted on the updates... 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July !!!

Fourth of July is one of my favorite times of the year. 

BBQ with family, deliciously yummy desserts, and spending time with family. 


And best of all is the fireworks. The anticipation of the fireworks brings me back to when I was younger. My family and I would all pack ourselves in several cars and head to the fort in St. Augustine. People would camp there all day long. Not us- we were smart enough to realize that you could see the sky from anywhere you sat! No need to camp out for eight hours. We would go about two hours before the fireworks- to setup our lawn chairs, eat ice cream, and enjoy the fireworks over the St. Johns River. 

And what would a holiday be without some fantastic garland and fancy, festive straws. 



Well I hope everyone enjoys yummy food and festive fireworks !!! I know I will.  


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY- Glitter Dipped Mason Jars

Well since my latest DIY project (here) was successful, I figured that I would try out another. After my husbands birthday- I ended up with 15 more mason jars, so I knew that I wanted to something fun with them. I saw some glitter dipped mason jars on Pinterest & they were super cute.

Things You'll Need:
Gold Glitter 
Martha Stewart Glitter Glue 
Mason Jars 

This was one of the easiest DIY projects, considering I had all of the items needed. It honestly is as simple as it sounds...

Get some mason jars (if you live in the South- you should have an abundance of them). Spread the glue over all of the parts of the mason jar that you want to add glitter to, then immediately add glitter to it. I let them sit on tissue paper overnight just to make sure that the glitter stuck good.

Overall, I think they're cute. I made three of them and put them on our table. They would also be good for a party or entertaining too. You could put utensils, napkins, or flowers in them.

Warning: You're going to find glitter in places you thought you would never ever find glitter. And if you put it on your table, chances are you are going to eat your fair share of glitter too. 

If anyone has any tips on a clear coating that could have been used to go over the glitter to prevent this-- I am all ears!