Saturday, September 29, 2012

Witches, Ghosts, & Pumpkins.. oh my !!

Just this past weekend, I realized that I was so excited for Fall to come that I completely skipped right over Halloween... So I made my husband go up in the attic and bring down the Halloween goodies.
I took down all of the Fall decorations that I put up weeks before & replaced everything with ghosts and pumpkins galore.

Hubs and I made a trip to Lowe's to pick up some mums & a pumpkin too. We're ready for Halloween/Fall!! This will be our first Halloween that we can have cute little Trick-or-Treaters & luminaries lined down our driveway. I am so excited ! I am sure it will be even more exciting when we have kids some day and get to dress them up and take them out (& secretly eat all of their candy).

I found so many cute Halloween inspired snacks on Pinterest...I figured it would be okay to attempt to try making these since they aren't considered a DIY project. We will see how it works out... 

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 

This year (when it gets closer to Halloween) we are going to carve pumpkins, which we haven't done in years. I am doing my research... I am determined to have a better pumpkin then him this year! Ha! (Childish?! I know!) 

1 || 2 || 3 || || 4 || 5

Well, so long for now...


Monday, September 24, 2012

Never Ending Wish List...

It seems that I have the Never Ending Wish List when it comes to decorating our house. I am happy and so excited that I have been able to check off a few items off of my wish list, but it seems like for every one item I check off, I add another four item(s). I wish when you bought a new house they would give you a few thousand dollars allowance or a genie in a bottle [both would be so fantastic!] for decorating. 

I have been looking for a light to put up in our entry way. Ideally, I would want a very grand chandelier [don't we all ?!]... but that'll have to wait for the day I have a grand entry way. Until then, these are some pendants that I am drooling lusting over.

[Pottery Barn]
They aren't too over the top & reasonable prices. So we will see which one finds a home in our entry way [hopefully soon- Christmas is right around the corner. Hubby I hope you see this!]. It is really too bad I cannot get all three and just change them out throughout the year... my husband would just love that idea. Ha!  

While we are on the lighting talk... my mom and I visited a local Yogurt shop a few months back and I saw these awesome pendant/chandelier that I loved there! So since then I have been on the search to find a look a like... and I found one ! It is from Ikea and I think it would look amazing in our loft. 

What do ya think?! Pretty fun, huh!?

Over this past weekend, we had a little family get together at our house [which I loved!], but we still do not have much seating for everyone. This lead me on the prowl, yet again... And I found this cute little table at Target for our kitchen. Nothing too special, but I think it would look good.

So anyone who wants to buy the items above for me for my birthday [which is on Wednesday, September 26] feel free to !!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Well lets just say I got bit by the "DIY" bug... My first attempt at a DIY/mini renovation was an all time failure !! I had a storage cabinet [been around since before I was born] that I wanted to spray paint a white color to match the rest of the furniture in our loft. 
So early on a Saturday morning- my husband and I set up a sheet in the garage [reminder for next time! garage as no ventilation !] & the spray painting began... 
My husband started to spray first, as I was still a bit unsure of all of this DIY crap stuff ! After about 4 or 5 minutes in I knew that this DIY project was one of the worst ideas I've had in a while !! At this point I had spray paint up my damn nose ! Yes, you read that right... spray paint up my damn nose ! So [if you know me], I had a complete utter meltdown and was in freak out, panic mode! And to top it off... I completely ruined a piece of furniture that was 20+ years old [oh no big deal] and the stank spray paint smell had made its way into my house...  
So at this point I am sure you're wondering where this oh so lovely piece of furniture ended up ?! In a dumpster a few miles away... I would have posted a picture but it was way too embarrassing and I wanted it removed ASAP! 

So if that disaster wasn't enough... I decided that I wanted to do a little craft project with buttons. I got the idea from Pinterest project that I had done before [see here] which I thought I did an okay job. I had extra buttons and wanted to do something for the Fall. So I got a few pieces of white paper, a glue gun, and my left over buttons. I laid out all of the buttons to spell "Give Thanks" didn't look that great when I was done [burning the shit out of my fingers], so I asked my husband what he thought. From his facial expression alone I knew that it too was an epic fail! [AGAIN!] So the two of us began ripping off every button off the paper and removing the glue off the back of! I decided that the word "Fall" would be better... I tried for the second and third time!! And I ended up with shit below... 

As you can see... it looks like "Ball"! So, again... I am sure you're wondering where this million dollar art work is now ?! It is going in the trash can & will be waiting at the end of the drive way for the trash pickers or garage man. 
To make matters much more embarrassing... my family came over and they passed it around the room to see if everyone could guess what it said.. and you guessed it- they all said "Ball"! My sweet Grandpa actually thought he was holding it upside down and that is why he couldn't figure out it said Fall. Ha!  
If one good thing came out of these 2 disasters is that my husband now understands why I want to buy everything & never ever do DIY projects. I am very creative, but I am absolutely terrible at the execution. I give props to all of these DIY Queens on all the blogs I read that whip up a perfectly sewn curtain, swiftly hot glue buttons to create beautiful wall art, and those who quickly paint a nasty piece of furniture that they found at a garage sale and turn it into a Pottery Barn look alike [so annoying!]. 

So if you're looking for a good DIY project [other than wreath making] you're most definitely on the wrong blog! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lovely & Oh So Pinteresting...

Thanks to Pinterest, I have fallen in love with the chalkboard trend. I am pretty sure that I want to add one in our loft, but I am just not too sure if I can commit to the chalkboard wall paint [my indecisiveness rules again]. I love doodling and drawing, so this would definitely be fun !! 

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 
I also really love the idea of a photo wall collage. We have a large space in our entry way, which I think would be a very cool place to put one of these. I like the idea of using letters or numbers within the mixture of pictures. I really like black & white frames that are all different sizes- it makes it look very clean & not too cluttered. The canvas prints are pretty awesome too.

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

Sometimes Pinterest brings on some decorating ideas that my husband would probably consider unpractical, but I think they are quite necessary. One of those would be a chandelier in the kitchen. I am sure you're thinking who has a chandelier in their kitchen ?! Well I think it makes an average kitchen look high end and fancy. 
1 || 2 || 3 || 4

I think I might need to take a break from Pinterest-- my Honey Do List and Wish List are both about 5 miles long.
Well, happy pinning!!  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Home Decor & More...

Well the house decorating continues... as does my obsession with wicker baskets. Blame it on the Target isle that is home to the brand Smith & Hawken. The addiction strong liking for these items has lead to me buying! 

My two newbies have found their home in our loft [which has a decorating status of In Process much like the rest of our house] & I love them in there, but I might move one to a different room [indecisive decorator- that's me]

My remaining wish list items for the Loft are: 
Wall Art [see from recent post]  
More Storage Units [for the unseen wall]

Not too much more, but that is a good thing because I have ideas for the rest of the house. 

My wish list items for Our bedroom are:
I am really looking for some accessories to put on our dresser- I found some Pottery Barn "jars" & "urns" but I would use them as vases. Some of them are a little extremely pricey, so I am on the prowl for a look-a-like version [while secretly hoping they go on sale]. 

I am also searching for a full length mirror- I really want something that has a cream or white trim. I found a gorgeous one from Etsy, but again... it is very pricey. Unfortunately, I will probably have to find something else that is more budget friendly. 

My wish list items for Our Living Room are:
I am, again, dying for something... and I will have them within a week or two. They are amazingly soft and fluffy Pottery Barn pillows. I absolutely love white and cream together! It is very risky to do this because my husband is a slob little messy, but it is worth the risk. 

My husband and I visited my beloved Pottery Barn store... BAM! Right under my feet was this oh-so-lovely rug. My husband is not too crazy about it, but I don't care too much think it will grow on him. I mean he does say "whatever you like, I like". So I am saving up my money for this gorgeous item...  

Well enough of my wish list for one night... Good night! 

Happy Fall Ya'll !!!

It is almost that time of year... my all time favorite... FALL!! I love everything about it!

Cool Weather! 
Being able to keep the windows & back doors open & feel the cool air creep at your toes. 
Being able to enjoy the Florida weather without breaking an instant sweat.
Yummy smelling Slatkin & Co. candles burning. 

Pumpkin patch & Pumpkin carving. 
Long sleeves, comfy jackets, scarves and boots. 

My absolute favorite Holidays are on the way [Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas].

Family gatherings occur more often. 
No fear because hurricane season is gone.

Speaking of decorating... I have been looking for a Fall wreath for our front door- all of the wreaths I found were so extremely overpriced [$85 is just too much for a wreath]. I decided that I was going to make a trip to Michael's, gather up some flowers and a wreath, and make my own. So that's what I did & I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.. What do you think ?!


It cost $24 so I saved about $61 with my DIY project.  

Well, until next time... Happy Fall Ya'll !

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life Lately...

Can you believe that September [my birthday month] is already here ?! The month of August was semi-eventful... 

The weather here in Florida, well... we had rain, rain and oh wait ! More rain !  I cannot even tell you how many times I forgot [too lazy to walk all the way back to my car] my umbrella when I went into work in the morning & had to book it to my car after work when it was pouring rain. It is really too bad that they don't have some of kind of umbrella for key chains.
 I do have to admit though, I love when it rains when I don't have to be outside in it. And for the most part, I love what the rain brings when it is all over- beautiful rainbows and gorgeous, colorful skies. 

For months, I did some research on all different SUV's because I was suffering from new car fever, which I tend to get every 3 years. Only difference with this car search is we will need it to be suitable for when our family grows [NO! I am NOT pregnant...just planning in advance] in the future. It is crazy how much the car search changes the older more wise we get. I need something that is cute and sporty, soon changes to I need a trunk that'll someday fit groceries & a stroller. 
One Saturday afternoon, hubby and I went down to the car dealership & 4 hours later drove off with our 1st "family" ride. I love, love, love my new car [minus the gas]!
In August, we also began purchasing the items off my Loft Wish List from a previous post. I ordered the gorgeous rug from Home Decorators Collection which should be here next week- I.Cannot.Wait! 
We also purchased the inexpensive shelves, canvas bins, and baskets from Target, Hubby was a good sport and put the two shelves together for me. 
Let's be real though... I threw a temper tantrum, my thumb got punctured by a damn heavy duty box staple, and none [I repeat none] of the pieces were numbered like the directions... So I threw in the towel and waited around for the finished product. 

Please excuse the tags, strangers pictures in the frames, and no decor... 

I cannot wait to post pics once I get more stuff in the loft & more fun goodies for my next Wish List...  
Well, Happy September!