Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kitchen Additions...

Lately, we have made some little updates to our kitchen... Want to see ?!

When we moved into our house a year ago (time flies when you're having fun !) our kitchen cabinets did not come with knobs. Without them for a year- they have started to get a few scratches on them, so we decided to head down to Lowe's to pick up some knobs. It took my husband about 30 minutes to put them up and it made a world of a difference. I love it ! What do you think ? 

After (left) and Before (right)
We also added a few little accessories from West Elm. An owl cookie jar, owl salt & pepper shakers, and an owl candle. If you know me then you know that my obsession for owls is out of control. According to my husband, our house is beginning to look like the wilderness- ha !  

And last but definitely not least-- the Almond colored Kitchenaid Mixer that I have been wanting for a million years three years. My mom got it for me for Christmas and I cannot wait to bake up some goodies. 

With all these additions plus my DIY project here. The kitchen is coming together, which makes me oh-so-happy !  

DIY Success Project

While standing in line at Michael's with my arms full goodies for my upcoming DIY project, a lady asked-- Did you get that idea from Pinterest? I answered yes and the next thing you know the whole line is talking about their DIY projects from Pinterest & how amazing the site it. I couldn't agree more... I love Pinterest.

So I am sure you're all wondering what genius DIY project I planned working on, so here you go...

After I saw this on Pinterest, I knew that it would look amazing in our kitchen. We have a large bare wall & until now I just could not seem to find anything suitable for this space.

This DIY project was super simple- all you need is a roll of burlap, black fabric paint, stencils, a paint brush, & some cute frames (I got ours for $12 at Walmart). You're going to want to measure the burlap based on the size of the frame and then get to work... 

Here is the inspiration (left) and my successful DIY project (right).

My Mom was so impressed by my successful DIY project that she asked me to make her some. We changed up the wording a little-- KISS, THE, COOK. She has put them in frames & hung them up in her kitchen. I think they look great !!

When I have DIY projects that are successful it just puts me on a DIY binge-- I am now on the prowl for my next project...

Lovely & Oh So Pinteresting...

For months, I have been trying to figure out a storage solution for our downstairs bathroom. So you know what that means-- I immediately logged into the oh-so-wonderful Pinterest. I found some great inspiration pictures... I love the non traditional shelving, wicker baskets (my obsession), towels, and frames.

1 || 2 || 3 || 4

I went to Target because I remembered seeing a ton of great types of shelving in different colors & sizes. I found some white shelves by Threshold. They're so cute & I cannot wait for my husband to hang them up for me. 

I am thinking about decorating the shelves with a Crate & Barrel small wire basket, votive candles, and maybe a few small Pottery Barn brown frames with matting. 

Stay posted on the final result...