Monday, October 16, 2017

King Barkley is 1!

October 17, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Barkley! 

Boy oh boy has this been a wild ride with our little fur friend. As most of you know, we got him on December 31, 2016 & you can read about our hell of a journey here. Although he may only be a little bundle of fur, he has taught me a lot over the last ten months. 

When people tell you that puppies are just like babies -- believe them, they are not lying to you. Barkley absolutely hated his crate for the first 4-5 months that we had him which basically meant he would lose his freaking mind about 2-3 times a night. I would end up sleeping on the couch with him every single night... until one night we decided to gate him in the kitchen & he never cried again (well maybe not never but it was way better). Since we've had him, we have not slept passed 7:30am (with the exception of our vacation).  
With him being so sick, lack of sleep & trying to manage my everyday responsibilities - I realized I am stronger than I thought I could be. And that hard times won't last forever (or you'll at least get a tiny break in between each hard time). 

Some things we never want to forget about Barkley; although I am sure majority he will remind us on the daily... 

He is needy. 
He was pretty easy to potty train (thank goodness because everything else was/is so hard)
Breakfast & dinner time are always a struggle for him. 
He is so loving. 
He has cost an arm & a leg.
He is super high maintenance. 
He loves his toys so much! 
He adores his momma, dadda & dranny. 
He thinks crushed ice is cookies (too bad we all can't think like that). 
He loves car rides. 
He loves taking over the entire house. 
He loves to eat all types of rugs - one thing is isn't picky about. 
He will eat out of trashcans; even though he never has an empty tummy.
He has tried to normalize the idea that dogs should jump on kitchen counters. 
He is super slick & can rob a person's bank account like its his job. 
He will only sit for cookies. 
He is a sock hoarder & currently has 22 socks stashed in his toy basket. 
He loves taking naps with momma. 
He knows what Target bags mean -- new toys
He loves Beary girlfriend. 
He cries the second he doesn't get attention. 
He doesn't go a day without wearing a bowtie. 
He is handsome & so fluffy. 
He is always there for his momma & dadda.
He has an underbite like no other - his dadda lovingly calls him Bucky. 
He has the worst separation anxiety from his momma; at all times.
His favorite thing to do each day - besides play, eat cookies & be with momma, is to wait at the window for his dadda to come home. 
He lives to work on our nerves & push our patience to the limits (& beyond). 
He's a southern pup with monogram travel bags (be jealous - ha!)
He is part vampire.
He's the naughtiest puppy in all the land.
His favorite place to hide is behind the couch. 
He gives a wicked stank eye if you piss him off. 
He can be in the guinness book of world records for how quickly he can tear apart toys. 
He has swallowed more string from toys then the Michael's store carries (Dadda's favorite)
He will forever be our first little pain in the ass baby.
He is our sweet, sweet Barkley & we love him more than anything.