Monday, February 25, 2013

Living Room Wish List...

Well... if you you know me or read my blog before then you know I am the Queen of Wish Lists (aren't we all ?!). I just always have different home decorating ideas running rampant in my head all the time. 

I just want our house to be exactly what I want-- I know it will take time and not over night, so that's why I have about 82 wish lists (my husband is thrilled about this...). So anyways, when we first purchased our living room furniture about three years ago- we have every intention on only keeping it a short period of time & moving on. We did just that... our new gorgeous sectional & ottoman will be here this weekend and I could not be more excited! 

Isn't she a beauty ?! Yup !!

When we moved into our house we had a decent size TV, then my husband got this genius idea to purchase a 55", but we never bought a new TV stand (bad idea!). It looks so hilarious because a 55" is clearly way too big for the stand now. So, that brings me to my next Wish List item...

Oh my goodness this makes my heart skip a beat !! It is completely, utterly perfect for our living room. I love it and I think it is such a good investment for the future... with all of the storage it will be fantastic to hide little ones toys some day. Cannot wait to check this off my wish list-- hopefully sooner than later. 

We are doing away with all of our living room furniture, so we need an end table to be replaced... and good ole IKEA has done it again. I found these cute, simple end tables. I like the brown but sort of leaning towards white because of the entertainment center I am dying over. So we will see... 

Now on to living room accessories that I want...

Anthropologie Vase 
West Elm Creatures  
You're probably thinking... that's all for accessories?! Yup...that's all, for now :) [West Elm Creatures have been purchased-- excited!]

Sunday, February 24, 2013

St. Patty's DIY Garland

The St. Patty's Day decorating has begun in our household & the DIY garland has been completed. I picked up all of my supplies at my go-to store, Michael's (25% off entire purchase- yippee!

I got two different color greens and  gold, sparkly papers. I traced and cut each & every one out. Then I used the hot glue gun to glue them along the string. It is a bit time consuming, but it always turns out super cute !  

Pretty cutouts
Not so pretty chunks of glue, which you'll never see...

Taped up on the mirror, looking sparkly and beautiful

Sparkly goodness... 
I am not going to go too overboard, but I want to make one more strand of garland (rainbow). I mean why not it is the easiest decoration, ever ! 

Home Accessory Tour-- Loft

After a year, the U-HAUL moving boxes have been replaced by white shelving units; bare walls covered with cute matted frames, and the plain carpet with a fluffy white faux fur rug ! And I freaking love it ! I really wanted to make sure that there was enough storage space in there because one day it will a little ones play room. I also wanted to make sure that all the colors were neutral colors-- for no reason other than because I love them and it is easy to mix up accessories with it. Also because even though some day it will be a play room, I hate for open space to be completely kiddie looking, with blues and pinks (eekk!!). 

Anyways, kids are a few years away... so I am making this space something I like ! There are still accessories that I want to buy & I really am thinking about rearranging things, but things are looking good for now. 

Pictures of my loves, love for owls, & childhood books... 
Books & Owls 
...More owls (Kirkland's)
Felt Target Basket 
Target frames & Owl (Kohl's)
Chalkboard Basket (Target)
Faux Fur Rug (Home Decorators)
Now I just need to continue working on finishing the collage wall (you can see it here) and pick up an awesome light from IKEA... I have my eye on one in particular and I think it will look great in the loft. 

Well I'll keep ya updated on the progress... 


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lovely and Oh So Pinteresting...

Here's to another Lovely and Oh So Pinteresting post... And it'll be the wall collage. I love the look of wall galleries, especially the white & black over-sized mat frames. I've been on the prowl for some good frames and Target and Pottery Barn have awesome ones! 

Here are some of my favorite frame collages that I have found on Pinterest lately. 

1 || 2 || 3 || 4
After seeing these amazing walls, I knew that I wanted to create something like this in our loft on the completely bare, white wall. So I purchased 3 black and 2 white matted frames from Target; they're are well made and very inexpensive. I also want to mix in some brown frames too, but unfortunately they don't make them at Target. Lucky for me though, they make they at Pottery Barn and are currently on sale (sorry bank account).

Here is what the wall in the loft looks like thus far... 

Warning: This is a work in progress & at this point it looks a bit awkward !

Waiting to be hung my  hubs... 

Awkward phase and in need of more... 

Up close & personal 
I was going to wait until the end to post the wall pictures because lets be real-- it looks a bit ridiculous. But I figured what the hell... it can be a work in progress post to look back on. 

I have a vision for the wall just sometimes it takes a bit to put it all together. Hubs and I went to Town Center this weekend to pick up some zinc letters from Anthropologie, but the only ones they had were a bit damaged, so I am making a trip back this weekend to pick some up [cross your fingers]. I'll pick up a J and a K and someday when we have little ones we can add their initials to the wall too.  

I also want to pick up some brown mat frames from Pottery Barn too since they're on sale. Chances are I will be ordering them from online since I didn't see them in store last weekend, but we will see. 

Well please stick around for the final wall collage... It is going to be great !!  

Home Accessory Tour- Bedroom/Bathroom

When we first moved into our house it took me forever to decorate !! My plan was to decorate one room at a time, but that didn't happen. It is a lot of this and that in every room... Although there is a lot more decorating that needs to be done...there has been a lot of progress. I am sure it'll take a while for it to be exactly what I want, but I am good with that because I love shopping & decorating !  

Our bedroom/bathroom is the room that is coming along the most when it comes to decorating, although there a few accessories here and there that need to be purchased. 

Warning: This is my own personal style, I am not a decorator and I have an obsession with baskets...  

Etsy Prints in Ivory frames from Target 
Chalkboard basket 

Chalkboard Basket and Glass Luminary Holder 
Hallmark Owl and IKEA glass lamp

Target Shelf and hydrangeas

I really like the way that things are coming together... Lots of creams, white and a tiny bit of color-- just how I like it ! Only thing I would change would be that I really wish that we had some paint on the walls, but we've done things ass backwards. 

Here are some things that I would love to add to our little love nest... 

IKEA full length mirror 
PB Shower Curtain 
Other than those few items I think our room will be good to go !! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Adventures...

Lately, the weekends have been my favorite ! Normally my husband has to work the majority of the weekend, but he hasn't the past few. 
Last weekend my husband and I woke up super early-- drove out to the beach to watch the sunset & I got some pretty awesome pictures. The weather was cool and breezy... and I seriously loved every single minute of it! 

The sky was so heavenly and peaceful... I could have stayed there forever. 

On Sunday, my husband woke up and said he has plans for the day for us-- we went to an early movie, then took a ride around town (town = straight up country). Seems weird that we just drove around town, but I honestly like that time together. It is so nice to be able to just cruise around, talk/laugh about everything, and if you know my husband then you know that we will definitely always stop into some hillbilly store. 

This weekend we did just that... as we pulled into the parking lot of Hillbillies R Us (just kidding-- It was called Tractor Supply) I saw a sign that said Baby Ducks Available and I was all in. 

The wittle babies were the cutest things I ever saw... I wanted ALL of them, but the hubs said "No!" (always raining on my parade). I left pouting without a cute little ducky and hubs left all smiles because he purchased yet another camo hat.   

On the way back to civilization we stopped for some lunch and to do some furniture shopping- we purchased a new sectional, which I am so excited about. I'll post more about that later ;)

Well... hope everyone had a good weekend like we did.  

Lovely and Oh So Pinteresting...

Ok, so I am going to try and make "Lovely and Oh So Pinteresting" a weekly thing here... I mean why not since I am on there 24/7 anyways-- might as well blog about my favorites for the week. Right ?! And if you're lucky... I might even throw in a few DIY projects too !!

So if you know me or been reading my blog, then you know that I love holidays and decorating for them... Now that Valentine's Day is over, I am on the next which is St. Patrick's Day.

For this holiday I am going to be more prepared... green & gold garland, festive St. Patrick's day wreath, green food coloring in everything (hubs will be just thrilled--insert sarcasm), and rainbow goodies !!

Here are some of the yummy goodies that I have found that I will be making try to make...




I love garland-- for each holiday I like to make it and put it everywhere I can. I will probably make a little rainbow one and one with gold sparkles and green. I tried finding some cute inspirations on Pinterest, I didn't find too many (total shocker). There were two that I though were cute.



I already have all my garland materials purchased and ready to be made, so I'll let you know how it turns out. Well I am going to leave you with one more thing, a little Irish Blessing... 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Be My Valentine...

Obviously Valentine's Day has come and gone, but I really wanted to do a little post about V-day. As with most holidays, I love to decorate so as you can image I decorated for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately this year I was not too prepared (you wait until next year), but what we did have was very cute ! Don't you agree ?!

On my weekly shopping trip to Target I spotted these cute little mailboxes-- they were only a dollar (such a steal!). Then I found some yummy Hersey kisses and I knew that it would be a cute idea for a Valentine's Day goodies for my candy lovin' hubs.

With a busy work week I didn't have much planned for Valentine's Eve dinner. So we had chicken salad on a biscuit and a scoop of potato salad-- of coarse it had to be on heart plates. And hubs stopped by Whole Foods and picked me up so gorgeous flowers. I love the feeling of our house filled with flowers (my allergies don't though).  

I will be more prepared next year and plan on having more decorations, gift ideas for my darling husband, and some yummy goodies to eat. 

Follow me on Pinterest to see what I have in store for next years Valentine's Day... 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bathroom Pinspiration..

I've been on the prowl on Pinterest for shelving ideas for our downstairs bathroom. You can see here some of my Pinspiration that I found. Our bathroom doesn't have any storage or anywhere to put fun accessories, which I am obsessed with so I knew I needed to get some shelving in there ASAP. 

So, I bought 2 white shelves from Target & had my [oh-so-wonderful, handy] hubs put them up for me.  

I picked up the super cute accessories on the top shelf from good ole Target. On the second shelf, my hubs picked up the owl from West Elm & the towels are from Home Goods [animal print] and Target [white]. 

I seriously am loving how the bathroom has turned out-- It definitely fits who my husband and I are. 
I love, love, love the cardboard deer that we have hanging up too. I bought it for K several years ago... It is on the wall when you walk into the bathroom. It looks great with the striped towels & looks even better with the other little creatures on the shelf. 

The shelves definitely add some character to the bathroom... 

Before (left) & After (right)
I still want to get a little basket for the shelf to keep some items that I don't particularly want sitting out on the open shelf. I found one a cute wire one from Crate and Barrel with an ivory insert. 

I really like it and the dimensions are good, so we will see... 
Also would like to paint sometime, but it is not a huge deal because I am still loving my clean white walls that cover our entire house.