Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY- Glitter Deer Silhouette

Lately, I have been on a kick with Do-It-Yourself projects. No, I am not knocking down walls or painting cabinets & such... I am just doing a little trace-cut-glue-glitter action. 

I am sure you can guess where I saw this idea... Good ole Pinterest. It looked super easy and was definitely pretty, so I figured what the heck!! 

Things you'll need: 
Blank White Canvas 
Martha Stewart Glitter Glue
Gold Glitter   
A print out of a deer head silhouette 

So all I did was search for a deer head silhouette on Google & printed it out. Then cutout the print & taped it onto the blank white canvas. Lightly trace around the print onto the canvas. Once it is completely outlined, remove the print. 
I put the canvas print inside a shoe box. Then started from the bottom of the silhouette with the glue. The glue has a brush inside the bottle, which made it easy to spread on the canvas. Once I added a little glue, I immediately sprinkled a pound some gold glitter on. Once I got to the antlers I had to use q-tips to spread around the glue. Then you just glue-glitter, glue-glitter... all the way to the top.


I am please with the way it turned out. The canvas prints that I bought came in a pack of two, so with the other print I am going to make the same exact thing but with silver glitter. 
I am going to put them in the loft, one on top of the other. 

So what do you think- pretty & very simple, huh?! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Living Room Revamp

Living room revamp is complete, but don't let that fool you... I can guarantee that I will still find accessories at my favorite stores that I have to have. For now though, I am really becoming pleased with how different our living room looks since we've moved it. 

Several months ago, my husband and I decided that it was time for us to buy some new living room furniture. There was nothing wrong with our other furniture... we just needed something with a lot more seating and something that would fill the room better. We both knew that we wanted a sectional because they are super comfortable and provide lots of places to sit for us and guests. 

I knew that I wanted something that was a dark tan color. With plans of kids in our future, I knew that something darker would be good to hide anything stains that would be created by a mischievous child (or my husband).  

So let me share some before and after pictures with you... 


I really liked the color of our old furniture, especially with the fluffy white Pottery Barn pillows piled all over. If you know me, then you know I love pillows. I could buy twenty more for the couch, but I am restraining myself. Although there are a few that I have my eye on from PB, but you'll have to wait to see those until my Wish List post... stay tuned

So here are the after pictures of the living room... 

The sectional is substantially larger than the couches we previously had. So the pictures above the couch look so miniature, so it was obvious that those needed to go. I knew that I wanted to do a large gallery wall (I am obsessed!), so I bought a ton of frames from Target and some amazing prints from SS Print Shop.   

Check out this shop-- it's amazing !!

My cutie husband slaving away on my Hubby-To-List.
Still a work in progress-- only the small frames need to be filled.
Other than adding a few pictures in the smaller frames, the only other thing that I want to add is a few more of the black/white striped throws from good ole IKEA. 
Here are a few more pictures of some fun accessories that we have in the living room. 

I use this shelf to add the pops of color that I love. 
Some cute little accessories from one of my favorite stores, West Elm. 
As I've mentioned before, I am no designer... I just pick out furniture and accessories that work best for my husband and myself. And I must say, I really love it! 

So what do you think?! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Hubs !!

Happy Birthday to my dearest husband ! 
I am so glad that you were born. Life is just going to get better and better. And although you don't like the grey hairs that pop up in your head or your chiny chin chin, I think they make you more and more handsome. You've grown so much since I met you and it makes me proud of you. Your thirties are going to be're going to grow in your career, become a Daddy (hopefully sooner than later), finish school, and much much more. 

So in honor of my husband's birthday- I wanted to host a birthday party for him. I have been planning, shopping and crafting for weeks. If you follow me on Pinterest and read here than you already know some of the ideas & crafts that I was thinking about for his party. 

You ready to see the outcome?! Here you go... 

These little stinkers were so difficult to make ! And the directions may as well have been in another language. 

Three hours later... and all of the pretty poufs were completed. 

Yummy in my husband's yummy ! 

Not exactly what I envisioned, but it was pretty & yummy ! 

Pretty straws with tags- good idea ! Balloons filled with frozen water instead of ice- even better idea!
Foods: Pulled Pork, Sliced Turkey, Coleslaw, BBQ Beans, and pasta salad-- and yummy s'mores on a stick.  
Overall, the party was a success and my husband enjoyed it. 
Catch me on Pinterest for my ideas on our next party/get together.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hubby's Almost Thirty...

My husband has only one more week of being in his twenties. I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to throw a birthday party for him at our house. We haven't had many get together's at our house and I really wanted this birthday to be special for my husband. 

If you follow me on Pinterest, then you can see the ideas that I have been eyeing. If putting together a party didn't take so much time and money, I would literally do it every weekend. The idea of planning, crafting, shopping, and being able to enjoy our home with family & friends- makes me super excited! 

K's favorite color is camo (believe it or not, this is a color here in Florida) and blue- My first thought was to do camo/greens, but I honestly could not bring myself to do it. So blues it is...blues of all shades.  

A must have for every party (or normal everyday life), is garland. I am obsessed with it, so that was the first thing that I made. I also made a cute banner and some little tags to go on the striped straws I bought. 
Target has all of their summer stuff out right now, so I finally was able to pick up a few things that I had my eyes set on. 

Here are some of my inspiration pictures from Pinterest...

Pinterest (Obviously the colors will be different

Here are some of the crafts and cute things I have bought so far... 
Bucket/Utensil Carrier | Straws 
The party is this weekend, so there's lots to do. Let's pray that I don't lose my mind this week... 

Stay tuned for the party pics... :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Before 30 Bucket List...

With my husbands thirtieth birthday creeping up, I started freaking the f*$% out thinking about my thirtieth birthday. I figured that there is a lot I want to get done before I am thirty, so if I blog about it then I will have to get it done.

I am going to start with 15 for now because I don't want to get too ahead of myself. And I am only thinking of things that are realistic and attainable. 

I am sure you can all guess what my first one is... 

1. Get pregnant with a little tiny, super healthy baby.
Fun Fact: Hubby's grandma had two sets of twins, so I am pretty sure that ups our chance just a little bit. Just typing that makes me oh-so-excited!
2. Lose weight & keep it off  (before a baby)

3. Take a vacation with my husband  

4. Eat a raw food diet for 4 straight days 

5. Make more time for friends  

6. Cook ten new recipes

7. Pay off some bills 

8. Try yoga (& like it...)

9. Pay for a strangers meal 

10.   Go an entire week without social media 

11. Host a party for someone 

12. Start a new family tradition for at least three holidays 

13. Take my mom on a vacation 

14. Workout three times per week before work (for 2 weeks straight)

15. Go to a shooting range with my hubby 

Wish me luck... if there's anything else that is realistic that I can add to my list, leave me a comment :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Get to know me...

So I decided I would do a little Question & Answer on here since I hit 1,000 views (if you're one of those 1,000 views-- please continue to follow me!). Having over a 1,000 views may not be big deal to some people, but this is a huge deal for me. It makes me super excited!

So let's start with the questions & answers...

Where do you see yourself in five years? 
This question makes me so excited! In five years, I hope my marriage is stronger than ever. That my husband and I will be able to take a nice trip (preferably back to Sandals Montego Bay) somewhere since we have not gone on vacation anywhere since our destination wedding (gorgeous Jamaica) 2010.
I also see my husband and I with one gorgeous healthy baby & another on way. Having our kids close in age would be amazing!
I also see us selling our first home & moving a gorgeous, spacious house with a big yard (& swing set) that we can create amazing memories in with our family.

Do you honestly want to be a mother? 
My ultimate dream in life (other than being successful in my career & having a strong, healthy marriage) is being a mother. I dream of what our children will look like. Tears come to my eyes when I envision what our parents reactions will be the day we become pregnant & can tell the world (trust me! when we get pregnant, the world will know!). To be able to create a little baby & feel it move inside me seems like it would be the best feeling in the world & I cannot freaking wait! I just told my husband the other day that I cannot wait until the day that I have to pack up a diaper bag, stroller, and baby. He said I say that now, but would probably complain when the time comes. Of coarse my reaction was "No I won't- I will appreciate it and not complain. I swear I won't complain" (so I really can't now because he will always say... remember when you swore you wouldn't complain- ha!).

What have been the best moments of your life this far? 
There have been lots of them...
Getting engagement to my high school sweetheart.

Graduating from college.
Marrying my husband in Jamaica.

Buying our first home together

Getting my job that will help provide for my family. 

What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die? 
I am sure you can guess this one... become a mother to hopefully two healthy, beautiful babies. 

If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be? 
If I could be known for something it would be my loyalty in my personal and professional life.  

If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, fear, etc...) what would it be? 
Let's be real-- If i could do one thing right now, it would be the following: 
I would pack three/four two bags, call a taxi, grab my husband & head to the airport. We would travel all over the world, together & carefree. 

What has been the most challenging moment in your life? 
Wow! Let's see... there have been lots & lots of challenging moments in my life. 
Let me be completely honest-- marriage is one of those challenging moments. I love my husband more than anything in this entire world, but that doesn't make marriage easy. We didn't live together too long before getting married, so adjusting to living together & being married is a challenge.
Being a grown up is pretty damn challenging too- dealing with the stresses of a real grown up job, never ending bills, and spending weekends taking care of a house (and husband). 
Challenging moments only make us stronger and more proud that we made it through them.   

Summarize yourself with one word

Cheers to the next 1,000 views !!! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Florida Summers...

It is officially summer here in Florida! You know what that means... 

Hurricane season has begun, which honestly scares the complete shit out of me! (I may or may not have already created a Hurricane Preparation list)   

Weather creeps into the 90's by 10:00 am-- every single day

All of your flowers that were once blooming & looking amazing, will now end up looking like shriveled up raisins.

Bright colored nail polish & sparkly, bright sandals-- this is what I look forward! To say that I love sandals is an understatement. There may have been three new pairs of sandals purchased. 
For all sources-- Pinterest
Lemonade & sweet tea in mason jars with fancy striped straws! I don't know about you, but I think everything tastes better out of a mason jar.
For all sources-- Pinterest
And yet another excuse to buy some cute totes that can be used as beach bags. I recently found a super cute one from Target-- brown leather handles, ivory bag covered in sequins. I am in love with it! 
For all sources- Pinterest 
As much as I hate the summer weather (I would much rather be freezing cold than hot), I must admit that whether there is sunshine or rain clouds-- Florida is quite beautiful.

Just cross your little fingers that we sneak away from this hurricane season without any damage.