Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites {Halloween}

Happy Halloween !

I have been waiting for this day all year & super excited that it is Friday. There are going to be lots of sweet treats & scary movies on TV... all while the doorbell rings every two & a half seconds. I am hoping for some creative costumes from some little's :) These are some of my favorite super cute ones that I found on Pinterest. I mean seriously, how cute are these?! 
Another thing that I am loving are all of my favorite prints from Jessica Garvin on tee shirts & sweatshirts. I have scooped up the latest festive shirts & they are so comfy. They come in baby, toddler & adults which is very cool !! :) There is a super cute "I Put A Spell On You"  off the shoulder sweatshirt with with gold print that I am loving, but the "Fiesta Like There's No Manana" is my favorite.
And what better way to enjoy a cold beverage on a Halloween night, then to have it snuggled up inside one of these super cute Halloween coozies. They are from Etsy but are now unavailable. 
And if you hadn't already noticed, I love love love anything & everything festive. So this past weekend for my moms birthday I went a little crazy with the holiday theme foods. I made a veggie & fruit plate with a candy corn theme, mummies on a pretzel stick, and ghost cupcakes. 

Hope you all have a fun & spooky Halloween & get lots of your favorite treats :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lovely & Oh-So-Pinteresting {Pumpkins Ideas}

The best part of Halloween, other than decorating, is carving/decorating pumpkins. Oh yeah, eating pumpkin seeds too :) As gooey and icky as pumpkin carving can be, I really love to do it every year. Over the weekend my family & I had a pumpkin carving contest. It was a lot of (messy, disgusting) fun. Of course not enough convincing in the world could have got my husband to carve one. (He napped instead!). He doesn't carry the festive gene like I do. I cannot wait to have little babies, so I can do some many festive fun things with them.

I found some cute, easy pumpkins that would be fun to decorate with kids. Obviously, I don't have any children, but I can just imagine the disaster that would come from carving pumpkins with one. A better route to take would probably be to just decorate with some glitter, washable paint, stencils and some fun googly eyes.
I am loving these pumpkins !! The grumpy looking pumpkins are so awesome. I like pumpkins that are different then your plain orange ones. And how incredible is this stack of flame pumpkins. This would be such a cool idea for an outdoor festive Halloween party.  
Last but not least... here are some of our lovely pumpkins from the weekend. Mine is the beautiful one tooth wonder. Ha!! It was truly a Pinterest fail, but it was fun & the pumpkin seeds were yummy. 

Share some of your pictures of your carved pumpkins & tag them on Instagram with #BTPumpkins

Monday, October 27, 2014

Festive Halloween Foods

I am in shock how quickly this month has flown by... this week is Halloween already!! This time of year always seems to go by so fast because it is the time of year that everyone always looks forward to. The holidays are here & there is so much festive fun stuff to do. 
If you follow me my blog (or here on Pinterest), then I am sure you know that I am obsessed with Pinterest. It truly just amazes me how creative that people can be. I am constantly thinking, man... why didn't I think of that!? 
I mean who the heck would've thought that a simple banana & orange could turn into the cutest little ghosts & pumpkins. I cannot wait to have kids, so I have an excuse to make fun festive foods. My husband just doesn't appreciate them as much as I do- ha! 
This week these festive stuffed bell peppers are on our menu. They look so cute, but I am sure my sailor mouth will be at it while I am trying to carve out a little face on a fragile pepper. If they are successful, I'll blog about it :) 
So what are your favorite festive foods to make for Halloween, for your hubby, family and/or kids?! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

Lately, I have found a lot of things that I really love. It is really too bad that I don't have a money tree out back.
 So since I have Fall on my mind.. as you already know, I can't help but want clothes that I can bundle up in. I am really into cardigans, especially bright colored & Aztec print. I came across these ones on Pinterest- they are so beautiful! I love that places carry Fall/Winter clothes that are still colorful. These are definitely a must have!! 
Since I have been on Instagram, I have discovered so many amazingly creative shops. One that I can't stop drooling over is Wrenn Jewelry. This jewelry is seriously gorgeous & one of a kind. They can make a statement & dress up any outfit & what I like most about them is that they have some pieces; like the bangles and rings can be worn everyday with any outfit. Is it bad that these are already on my Christmas list?!  
And what would a favorites post be without my good ole Bath & Body Works goodies.. Lately, I have been obsessed with these... 
They are the most deliciously smelling things I have ever come across. Unfortunately, they are sold out of the Cider Lane candle & I am kicking myself that I did not buy twenty of them. I had this one last year & I loved it just as much as I do this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be in stores next Fall. And as for these hand soaps, I am going to stock up on these before they are sold out. They are so yummy!! 

So what are some of your favorites lately?! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lovely & Oh-So-Pinteresting {Halloween Decor}

My favorite time of the year has finally come... so many holidays to look forward to & decorate for. As you all know, we just sold our house, so all of my beloved decorations are being stored in a 10x20 storage unit (::sigh::). In the meantime, I've been decorating my moms aka our temporary home & living through all Halloween decor pictures on Pinterest.

I cannot wait until we move into our new home, so I can completely deck out the front door with festive pumpkins, bats & ghosts galore. I am loving these front doors- the Halloween decorations are out of this world.
You know what I always wonder... where do these people store all of their decorations? Some of these people must not use their garage for anything other than a storage unit.
If you want to go down a more simple route with decorating these tree signs, floating witch hats & carved hanging pumpkins would be perfect!! Normally, I would not be into skeleton heads; because lets be real- they're a little creepy. But these planters are so cool! Hoping to snag a one or two when Halloween sales go on. 
Also how cool is this newspaper wreath with bat cutouts?! This might be a DIY that I'll attempt if I can find some extra newspapers. 

So what are some Halloween decorations that you use every year?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Meatless Monday

Some weeks I crave all sorts of things (no I am not pregnant!) & very random things at that. This week is all about things that I crave & they all so happen to be meatless. 
Mornings get a little boring when they consist of eggs and/or a granola bar So it only makes sense that I would crave a delicious apple streusel breakfast pizza or some nutty peanut butter with fresh strawberries piled on top. I mean look at these... who the heck wouldn't want them?!
Every Sunday when we do dinner planning I can never think of any sides that I want to make, that is... until I saw mashed potato & chive waffles, stuffed sweet potatoes, and cauliflower cheese sticks. Goodness! Seeing these sure make it hard to stick to "healthy eating". 
Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! I always crave it! I try to limit the amount that I eat which is probably the main reason why I constantly want it. 
Before I stopped eating dairy & gluten, I loved eating alfredo. I am not a red sauce kind of person, so this was my favorite. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a dairy free one anywhere... until today! I found a recipe for alfredo on... go head, guess !!! 
Other than alfredo, I really like a good pesto sauce, so this noodle/asparagus dish looks good! And I am sure it'll be something that we try out for dinner. Something else that I am always in the mood for, but can't find a dairy/gluten free one is pot pie. This little muffin sized veggie pot pies look so scrumptious! 

So what are some yummy foods that you crave?!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Future Home Ideas

Our move to a new house is quite a ways away (a million years to be exact), but I just can't help but keep planning & picking out furniture for our future home. In our new place, I plan on keeping our bedroom exactly the same as it was in our old house. I loved everything about it- the light colors & cozy feeling, long flowing drapes, & distressed wood framed gallery wall. Depending on how big our master bedroom is, I would really love to add this simple chair & ottoman from Ikea
As for our living room, I plan on using the same tan sectional & ottoman with some of the white fluffy Pottery Barn pillows that we already have. I found an aqua colored pillow from West Elm that I love & that is when I decided that I wanted to incorporate that into our non-existent living room. I want to keep things light & airy throughout the house, so this will be perfect. We are also going to need a new entertainment unit for our TV- we threw ours away before we moved. And I have been eyeing this white Ikea one for a long time. It is a great price & seems to be pretty quality material. 
Now on to a room that I plan on completely redoing & buying everything brand new. I mean what fun would moving into a new house be if everything inside of it were going to be the same, right ?! (my mom & husband are cringing right now...
Like I mentioned before, I really love distressed wood, so I have been looking everywhere for an inexpensive, nice dining table in that material. I came across this dining table & buffet from Ikea. The minute I saw this picture, I knew that I wanted it all! Distressed wood + white & wicker chairs + fake fur draped over chairs = dining room heaven. 
I really hope that all of this stuff is still available in a million years the next several months because I will be super bummed if it is not. Although I am sure I'll change my mind a few more times before we move into a house. In the meantime, this is my wish list... 
Seems like Ikea has a lot of very nice, inexpensive pieces right now... what are some things that you love about Ikea? 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mini Egg Muffins

In the mornings, I am always finding myself in such a hurry to get out of the house. I have just enough time to shower & get ready, make my lunch and head to work. I have been trying to find something that was quick & convenient to bring to work in the morning, so that when I came up with the mini egg muffins. They are so delicious !! 

1/4 cup of onions
2 cups of organic spinach 
3/4 of dairy free cheese or regular cheese
1 tbsp of olive oil 
Pinch of sea salt 
Pinch of pepper  
1 tbsp of garlic paste 
1 tbsp of soy or almond milk
6 whole eggs 
{Optional: 3 slices of bacon}

Turn on oven to 350 degrees. 
In a sauce pan put your onion, olive oil, and organic spinach. Saute onions & spinach (until wilted), then add a pinch salt and pepper & garlic paste and mix all together. When finished cooking, place to the side off of burner. 
In a bowl, put all of your eggs, cheese, a pinch of salt and pepper, & milk {optional: bacon). Mix all of the ingredients together & then add the onion/spinach mixture. Mix all ingredients together one last time. In a muffin pan (I used a mini muffin pan but you could use a regular one), spray with olive oil to avoid sticking. Then add your egg mixture & pop in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until eggs muffins are thoroughly cooked. 
Perfect for a quick breakfast on the go. 
**Just make sure to keep refrigerated & heat up for about 40 seconds before eating**

And I can't forget my little sous chef who helped me cook...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday {Fall Style} Favorites

I am sure the cool Florida weather won't last long, but for right now I am enjoying it & thinking of Fall styles. Every year I feel like I am drawn to the same few items. I love to wear a lot of layers in because the weather in Florida changes in the blink of an eye. The mornings & nights are cool & breezy, but the afternoons are still quite a scorcher. 

I am sure it'll be a little bit longer before the scarves, boots and fluffy fur vests come out; but a fall-cool-weather-loving girl can dream, right?! I love wearing jeans, it is very rare that I am not wearing them. I really love the look of distressed jeans, so these J.Crew and A&E ones are some that will most likely be added to my jean collection soon. 
Last year I noticed that there were so many awesome scarves at every single store I went to. So it only makes sense that I cannot wait to wear some again this year. There are only a few plaid prints that I am drawn to- normally I am not crazy about wearing dark colors; especially red.. but this scarf is so pretty. I know that pastels shouldn't be worn too much in the Fall and Winter, but I truly do not care. I like lighter colors a lot more than darker ones, so that is what I will wear. 
Okay, my last Fall obsession are these boots. Last year, I was so close to purchasing these Minnetonka 3-Layer Fringe boots, but for some strange reason I didn't. I think this year might be the year that they become mine. My husband hates them, but... Happy Wife, Happy Life! Right?! 

So what are you favorite Fall styles that you cannot wait to wear!? 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lovely And Oh-So-Pinteresting {Entry Way}

Happy Hump Day! Only a few more days until a 3-day weekend for me & I seriously cannot wait. So over this past weekend, my husband went out driving around in search for a place that we can call home. As of right now, I think we are set on the neighborhood & the model that we want to build. It truly is so overwhelming! We are going to wait to build anything until after the new year, so we have several months to decide what is right for us & the future of our family. 

We also went to a new World Market that opened up in our area. My husband found this gorgeous distressed wood entry way table. It was exactly the look that I am going for when we move into a new home. It was a great price & we had a coupon, so we bought it & put it in our storage unit (along with everything else we own ::sigh::). So after we bought that, I've been looking through Pinterest for some inspiration ideas for entry ways & I have found so many. 
Here are just a few that I really like... 
I have had my eye on this Lulu & Georgia rug for the longest time !! I am just waiting for the day that I get the email that it is back in stock & it'll be mine all mine. I think it will look fantastic with the entry way table we already have. 
I also want to do a large DIY canvas print in these colors. It'll go great with the rug & tying the entire entry way together. At another recent trip to World Market, I picked up a gorgeous aqua vase (almost identical to the one in the picture above) to use on the table. It it so pretty and was 1/2 the price of ones from other stores.  
These Serena & Lily baskets are so cute- they would look awesome underneath the entry way table to house anything from shoes to junk laying around. I love the white on them! 
For lighting, I am sure we will get some kind of pendant light. There are so many awesome lights at Pottery Barn, but I am leaning towards this Olivia Star Pendant.

I figure if I can get some of these things on sale throughout the next year or so, we will be good when we move into our house & won't have to get a ton of stuff all at once. 

I'll keep you updated on things I can snag on sale :)

*All sources on my Pinterest- link on side*

Monday, October 6, 2014

Meatless Monday

The weather in Florida has been truly amazing !! The mornings have been cool & crisp and the nights breezy & so relaxing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this weather sticks around because it really makes it feel like Fall is on its way, which I love

With the chill in the air, I can't help but to start to feel quite festive. This month marks the start to my favorite times of the year... so that means delicious Fall foods are to come.

Even when the cooler weather comes, I normally still stick to my iced drinks in the morning rather than hot. I am sure you already know that I am obsessed with chai tea w/ soy milk, but I have been really wanting to try something else in the mornings for a change. And this iced pumpkin spiced latte and maple iced coffee look so yummy & what is even better is that they can be made gluten/dairy free.
I don't know what it is but the minute cooler weather comes, I always crave apple cinnamon & pumpkin everything. These apple cinnamon pancakes, pumpkin spice granola, and pumpkin french toast are some breakfast goodies that I cannot wait to try out. I know that they will be a hit in my house. 
In the Fall dinners to me are all about being warm & satisfying & these goodies below look like they would hit the spot. My husbands favorite food to eat when cooler weather comes, is chili. So this will be a staple in our house in the weeks to come. Pot pies & casseroles are also a must have- they are fulfilling & easy to make for busy schedules.
So what are some Fall foods do you crave the minute the cooler weather comes? 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lovely And Oh-So-Pinteresting {Dining Spaces}

As of last week we are officially not homeowners anymore, which basically means we are homeless. Our plan is to build a new house in the next several months. We have a lot of different neighborhoods and models of homes in mind, but just unsure of what we want at the moment. 
Oh yeah, also add in the fact that everything costs an arm & a leg, so that plays into it too. The homes that I am dying to have, well... they will remain in my wonderful dreams. 

So over the next million months I will be in save-all-the-money-I-make mode and how-to-decorate-a-new-home mode... both are very exciting. So lately I have been pinning away on all different looks that I like for dining areas. If there is one thing that I know I want in our future home is space for a table with plenty of seating. 

Clearly, my taste is a little all over the place... but I have plenty of time to figure it all out. I really am obsessed with all the colorful prints of the rugs, drapes, & pillows. The reclaimed wood tables are amazing- I am truly loving them & want one so bad, but they are so expensive. On the other hand, I am liking the traditional wood and white tables. So who knows the decorating path that I will take. 

I am on the look out for the perfect dining furniture & decor, so stayed tuned for what I find :)