Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life Lately...

Can you believe that September [my birthday month] is already here ?! The month of August was semi-eventful... 

The weather here in Florida, well... we had rain, rain and oh wait ! More rain !  I cannot even tell you how many times I forgot [too lazy to walk all the way back to my car] my umbrella when I went into work in the morning & had to book it to my car after work when it was pouring rain. It is really too bad that they don't have some of kind of umbrella for key chains.
 I do have to admit though, I love when it rains when I don't have to be outside in it. And for the most part, I love what the rain brings when it is all over- beautiful rainbows and gorgeous, colorful skies. 

For months, I did some research on all different SUV's because I was suffering from new car fever, which I tend to get every 3 years. Only difference with this car search is we will need it to be suitable for when our family grows [NO! I am NOT pregnant...just planning in advance] in the future. It is crazy how much the car search changes the older more wise we get. I need something that is cute and sporty, soon changes to I need a trunk that'll someday fit groceries & a stroller. 
One Saturday afternoon, hubby and I went down to the car dealership & 4 hours later drove off with our 1st "family" ride. I love, love, love my new car [minus the gas]!
In August, we also began purchasing the items off my Loft Wish List from a previous post. I ordered the gorgeous rug from Home Decorators Collection which should be here next week- I.Cannot.Wait! 
We also purchased the inexpensive shelves, canvas bins, and baskets from Target, Hubby was a good sport and put the two shelves together for me. 
Let's be real though... I threw a temper tantrum, my thumb got punctured by a damn heavy duty box staple, and none [I repeat none] of the pieces were numbered like the directions... So I threw in the towel and waited around for the finished product. 

Please excuse the tags, strangers pictures in the frames, and no decor... 

I cannot wait to post pics once I get more stuff in the loft & more fun goodies for my next Wish List...  
Well, Happy September! 

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