Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Success Project

While standing in line at Michael's with my arms full goodies for my upcoming DIY project, a lady asked-- Did you get that idea from Pinterest? I answered yes and the next thing you know the whole line is talking about their DIY projects from Pinterest & how amazing the site it. I couldn't agree more... I love Pinterest.

So I am sure you're all wondering what genius DIY project I planned working on, so here you go...

After I saw this on Pinterest, I knew that it would look amazing in our kitchen. We have a large bare wall & until now I just could not seem to find anything suitable for this space.

This DIY project was super simple- all you need is a roll of burlap, black fabric paint, stencils, a paint brush, & some cute frames (I got ours for $12 at Walmart). You're going to want to measure the burlap based on the size of the frame and then get to work... 

Here is the inspiration (left) and my successful DIY project (right).

My Mom was so impressed by my successful DIY project that she asked me to make her some. We changed up the wording a little-- KISS, THE, COOK. She has put them in frames & hung them up in her kitchen. I think they look great !!

When I have DIY projects that are successful it just puts me on a DIY binge-- I am now on the prowl for my next project...

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