Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Its All Coming Together...

Our house is finally coming together... And I honestly love it. 
There are still several things that need to be done in order for it to be complete. It honestly drives my husband crazy that I constantly have a never ending wish list & plans for our house. 
Let's be real though, with the plan to start a family towards the end of the year... I need to get this place complete. Lord knows I will not be buying house decor when I have could have a cute little baby to shop for.

If you remember from a previous post, I mentioned that we really wanted to get a pretty sectional. We needed something that was functional for future kids and well... we just really wanted new comfy furniture. And we did just that! 

Don't mind the pictures-- these will be replaced soon...
(Pottery Barn Pillows & IKEA throw)  
Cute little snails from West Elm-- I am obsessed !
(Target Tray)
I am loving the way it looks and it is super comfy! The pictures we had hanging over our old couch look so tiny now. So I have a plan to pick up some (four to be exact) prints and blow up one of our wedding pictures & put them above the couch in some white matted frames. Only problem, Target has been out of the frames for over a month (get it together Target, I need to start my gallery wall project)

Something else we needed for our downstairs was a rug for under our dining room table. I really stepped out of my comfort zone on this one. If you know me I always stick to whites, ivories, cream, and sometimes I throw a little tan in there. 
Before I let you see my shocking purchase-- let me tell you... I was eyeing the same exact rug from Pottery Barn for months. And one morning  I was randomly looking at stuff on (the glorious) Instagram & I came across the same exact rug from Home Goods. So I literally could not wait to get off work & attack the rug isle in search for this rug. I searched forever... and I found it!! I threw that bad boy in my cart and hauled ass to the checkout isle.
Let me just say-- I saved $350 !! Thank you Home Goods ! 

So what do you think? I picked up the mirror from there too. I am honestly still trying to get used to the rug and my husband asks me everyday if I am going to take the tags off yet. I think it is hilarious, but it is the indecisiveness side of me kicking in. 

Again, I am not a decorator by any means... I am just a girl that loves to shop and is trying to make our house a home.  

Stay tuned for next post... We are painting our bathrooms. This is huge! 

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