Sunday, June 16, 2013

Before 30 Bucket List...

With my husbands thirtieth birthday creeping up, I started freaking the f*$% out thinking about my thirtieth birthday. I figured that there is a lot I want to get done before I am thirty, so if I blog about it then I will have to get it done.

I am going to start with 15 for now because I don't want to get too ahead of myself. And I am only thinking of things that are realistic and attainable. 

I am sure you can all guess what my first one is... 

1. Get pregnant with a little tiny, super healthy baby.
Fun Fact: Hubby's grandma had two sets of twins, so I am pretty sure that ups our chance just a little bit. Just typing that makes me oh-so-excited!
2. Lose weight & keep it off  (before a baby)

3. Take a vacation with my husband  

4. Eat a raw food diet for 4 straight days 

5. Make more time for friends  

6. Cook ten new recipes

7. Pay off some bills 

8. Try yoga (& like it...)

9. Pay for a strangers meal 

10.   Go an entire week without social media 

11. Host a party for someone 

12. Start a new family tradition for at least three holidays 

13. Take my mom on a vacation 

14. Workout three times per week before work (for 2 weeks straight)

15. Go to a shooting range with my hubby 

Wish me luck... if there's anything else that is realistic that I can add to my list, leave me a comment :)

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