Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall Are You Here Yet??

From the moment that the calendar read "First Day of Summer", I began wishing for the Fall season to come. Bring on the apple cider, cooler weather, hoodies, pumpkins, and oh yeah... did I mention cool weather?!
Plus the sooner Fall comes the sooner the holidays come, which makes me so giddy just thinking about it. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas-- oh my !!!

When Fall time rolls around, it always makes me miss living in Massachusetts. I love the season changes- the beautiful trees with all their amazingly colored leaves. Walking through pumpkin farms & picking apples; bundled in a hoodie with the breeze blowing on your face (rather than the dry Florida heat beating on your face).


Since my husband and I cannot make it up north every time the season changes, my goal is the bring the seasons to us. I am going to stock up on some deliciously smelling candles from good ole Bath & Body works, yummy apple cider, & pumpkins in every corner of our house.

So what is your favorite part about Fall ??


  1. You should just come up to NH and get the "real" fall feel!!! I miss you lots and my house is always open!! Love you <3 Jaclyn


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