Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful For- Part 1

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is so close, which means Christmas is almost here & the year is almost over. Wow! 

Lately, on facebook,  I've been seeing all these daily posts of what people are thankful for. Last year, I totally missed out on this & this year I am 2 weeks behind. I figure I would play catch up with a post... 

A week worth of things to be thankful for... 

ONE: There are lots of things I am thankful for, but I am most grateful for the closeness of my family. I know no matter what happens in life, my family has my back. We love spending time with each other, can always be ourselves, and have a good time. 

TWO: My mom. She is my entire world. My best friend. She has been there for me more than anyone. She respects my decisions, good & bad. When I am sick, she comforts. When I am bitchy (which is often), she puts up with me. When I'm sad & upset & ready to give up, she encourages me & lifts my spirits. She would & has given me anything & everything I have ever wanted. I am thankful for our texts & calls everyday. She understands me, when most dont. She has taught me how to be hard working, how to love hard, and what a great friend & mother should be. I am beyond thankful for her. 

THREE: My husband. My high school sweetheart. My polar opposite soulmate. I am so grateful for the good times, bad times, & everything in between. I am so thankful for the relationship, marriage, & life he & I have built together. When I am stressed (which is always, about everything), he calms me down. I can always depend on him to give me something to clean, which I bitch about.. but wouldn't know what to do without the messes. He makes me try & do things I normally wouldn't do. He is the most hardworking man I know & rarely complains. He is carefree & lives life day-by-day, which I admire. I am thankful that he stands by my side, on my good days & bad days. I am thankful that I get to call him "my husband". And even more thankful that, one day, he will be the father of my children. 

FOUR: My education. Although it took, what feels to be an eternity to finish. . I am grateful that I was able to go to college. I am thankful, everyday, that my mom was kind & generous enough to pay for college; because of her I graduated with a degree & no student loan debt. College taught me how to work hard for what you want & never give up. 

FIVE: My job. To say that I am thankful for this, is an understatement. My job provides me the life I have. Warm water, electricity, a car, a home, food, health insurance, things I need, want, & love. It taught me to work well with others, to have an infinite amount of patience, & to try & be a step ahead of the rest. 

SIX: My Grandpa. My organization twin. The one I look up to. He loves his family more than life itself. He is funny & always has a story to tell. His face lights up when all his kids & grandchildren are in the room. He has helped me out in times of need & i am forever grateful for that. He is a good listener & a smart advice giver. He has shown me how a "real" man should treat his family & no-one will compare to him. I can count on him for anything. 

 SEVEN: My Dad. My angel. The first man to ever love me. I am thankful that my Dad moved to Florida. I am thankful that God heard my prayers & my begging & pleading for a little more time with my Dad. I am thankful that I got to have a cookout with my Dad for Memorial Day.I am thankful I got to sing my Dads last Happy Birthday & watch him blow out his last set of candles. I am thankful I could spend Easter with my Dad & make him his last Easter basket of snacks. I won't forget our last 4th of July together, as we watched fireworks in the rain. I am thankful for our game shows we watched & the last few dinners we had together. I am forever grateful that I forgave him for the past & moved on with our future. I am thankful that I was there when he took his last breath, to tell him that I loved him & how truly grateful I was for him. And I am most thankful..  because I now have an angel to watch over me forever & ever. 

Can't wait to share my next seven in a few days. 

So what are you most thankful for ??? 

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