Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful For- Part II

This time of year makes me so happy... holidays are so great! It's truly all about being with family & being thankful for everything you've got.

Here are another weeks worth of things that I am thankful for... 

EIGHT: Home. Our 1st home together. I am thankful that my husband and I have a place that we can call ours. A home that we can start a family in. A place to make memories & be together. A home we can be proud of, since we have worked so hard to have it. To enjoy and entertain family & friends. And of course plenty of space that we I can decorate & make our own. 

NINE: My SUV. Black Beauty. I am so thankful & proud of myself that I was able to buy a brand new vehicle on my own. And even more thankful that I can afford the outrageous car payments each & every month. A vehicle that has plenty of space for when our family expands some day. 

TEN: My sistOR. Satan. I am thankful that  we have a bond that no-one can break. She has so many dreams & goals, all of which she continuously works toward achieving. She is a risk-taker, a loyal friend, a Marine, an Officer & so much more... To say that I am proud of her would be a complete understatement. It makes me so happy that when there are happy times, sad times, fun times, and crazy times in life, I have a sister that I can count on. And that makes me truly thankful!

ELEVEN: My Auntie Kathy. I am thankful to have such a wonderful, caring aunt. Always there to talk, gives countless health  advise & tips (when I am freaking out). Constantly opening her heart & her home to anyone; making them feel like it is their own. Works so hard, every week & rarely complains. Makes any sacrifices for her family because she loves hard & cares. She is fun to be around, trustworthy, and I am so grateful for her in my life.

TWELVE: MaryAnn. Worlds kindest & most welcoming step-mom. I am thankful for her in so many ways. Mostly because she was not only a great, loving wife to my Dad, she was also a caregiver to my Dad in his weakest moments. She put herself second when my Dad was sick. A bit of weight was lifted knowing she was with him. She loved my Dad on his good days & his bad days. Stuck by his side until the very end, always making sure that things were done the way my Dad would've liked. She has welcomed my sister & I like we were her own. She is always there for me. And I am grateful for our daily "touch base" texts every single day. My Dad may not be here to meet his grandbabies someday, but I know she will love enough for the both of them.

THIRTEEN: Gluten Free Food. My saving grace. Removing this from my diet has relieved so much pain & suffering that I once had. Being gluten free is SO hard, so trust me when I say that I am so extremely thankful for gluten free foods. More restaurants and grocery stores are carrying GF products, which makes me oh-so-happy!

FOURTEEN: I am so thankful to all of the different kinds of doctors & nurses that helped my Dad try & get better & to be free of cancer. When my Dad passed away, they were pretty sure that the throat cancer had gone away; due to intensive treatment, wonderful smart doctors, & caring nurses.
I am thankful that they did everything in their power to try & cure him, keep him calm, reduce his pain, & to respect his wishes until the very end. It takes a true, hard-working, & dedicated person to be in the medical field & I truly admire each and every one of them.

Just a little over a week until Thanksgiving... I cannot wait to be with family & have some yummy food. 

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