Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful For- Part III

In just a few days it'll be Thanksgiving- turkey, family, stuffing, & apple pies oh-my!! For the last 10+ years, my husband and I go to both families houses. So you know what that means- turkey overload
Normally by about noon, my husband is ready for a nap. I on the other hand would rather be spending time with family & eat one meal. 

So here are more things that I am thankful- all year round, not just Thanksgiving...

FIFTEEN: Sick Days/Company Holidays/Vacation/Work from Home. I am so grateful that I work for a company that offers 5 sicks days, 10 company holidays, and 10 vacation days. And we have the opportunity to work from home, if and when we need to. 
I freaking love it because we all know that you go to bed healthy & wake up sick as a dog the next day, when you least expect it. And everyone needs a break from the 5-day work week every once & awhile. 

SIXTEEN: My green thumb. Well, people say if you can keep a plant & pet alive, then you're ready for a baby. Well by the looks of my plants... I can definitely keep them flourishing, that's for sure. 

My Dad, my whole life had plants everywhere- indoors and outdoors. He loved his plants! He would always tell me before we got off the phone, that he was going to go water his 40+ plants. He could make plants grow that no one else could. So it is pretty awesome that I have been able to successfully grow 5 of his plants. He is hopefully looking down on me & his plants- thinking "good job sweet pea"! 

SEVENTEEN: Starbucks. Two words: Chai Tea. It helps me get through work days, or any day for that matter. And well, I just love everything about it. 

EIGHTEEN: Target. I am thankful that Target has so many nice, affordable decorative items for our house. What I love even more is when I see a cute furry stool at Anthropology for $280 and then I find a similar one at Target for $50- score! And it provides me a gazillion frames to help me with my frame addiction. Also according to my husband, it is my home away from home & I am okay with that. 

NINETEEN: Cards to my Dad. The other day I was going through some of my Dads stuff & I found a batch of cards that I made for him. Unfortunately, he was only able to open one card from the batch before he died. It started with "I love you more than you'll ever know...". If there is something from this to be grateful for, it is that, that was the last thing my Dad ever read. 

TWENTY: I am thankful for the "zoo" that I call my backyard. No need for an alarm because our neighborhood geese will wake you. And we also have three white ducks (that our neighbor bought for his 9 yr old child-- genious!) We also have several different types Herons, which he has named "Mr. Miyagi".
It is so peaceful out there & although many of the birds are loud & annoying-- it is so nice to watch them out there loving life.

TWENTY-ONE: Cooler weather. Please stay awhile... although I know you won't. 

Almost time for Thanksgiving... :)

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