Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Favorites-- Recent Purchases

Friday is here again... and once again, I am so thrilled that it is here. Lately, there are a few goodies that I have purchased, that I am loving a lot! 

 I have been trying to save my Starbucks purchases for the weekend, since it tends to get pricey when you go So in my best efforts, I have been making my chai tea at home in the mornings. With that being said, I needed a cute mason jar for my daily drinks... 
The Mason Bar Company
My new mason jar tumbler is super cute, but it needed a "Sparkly Glitter Crocheted Heart Cozy", so I snagged this beauty 15% off :)  
Another recent purchase that I am really loving is this "Sassy Pink- Slub T-shirt infinity scarf". It is super light-weight and will be good for the warm Florida weather that is on its way. I'll probably snag the deco green one for St. Patrick's Day :)  
And I purchased these beauties that are going to replace the boring builder knobs on our closet doors in our loft. Anthropologie strategically placed swivel shelves right at the front door, so I stood there for about 20 minutes drooling over all of my favs
All I know is that I cannot to get pregnant, so I can buy some more knobs for the {future} baby room furniture  that we will be revamping. 

So what are some goodies that you've purchased lately? 

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