Monday, May 5, 2014

Fiesta Like There's No Manana !!

This is probably my husband's favorite day, ever. All because of his love for tacos... he would be thrilled if I made them for dinner every.single.night. There are so many different varieties of tacos, so I wouldn't mind eating them every day either (we definitely won't be though!). 

Tonight, we will be having a Mexican feast.. starting with chips and yummy guacamole & salsa (no margaritas for us but they sure look tasty). 

And on to the best part... tacos!! We're going to have ground turkey tacos with lots of toppings. There are so many different versions of tacos that I will definitely be cooking for dinner(s) within the next few weeks.. 

When it comes to Cinco de Mayo, I especially love the bright colors & festive entertainment decor that is used for Cinco de Mayo. 

Hope you all have a fun & yummy Cinco de Mayo!! :) 

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