Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day, Sally !!

To my dearest Sally,

I’ll start with ‘Thank You’…

I am so glad that God chose you to be my Mom. He surely knew that we needed each other in life & he was right. You have been there for me through everything- the good, the bad, the ugly, the screaming, and the crying… you have been through it all with me.

You’re the most hard-working, strong, dedicated, loyal, loving, and silly Mother and friend that there could be. You have shown Jaclyn & me that you have to work hard for what you want in life. You were strong at times, when I know it was nearly impossible for you to hold it together. You’re fully dedicated, always, in being our Mom. You never backed out on us when we needed you, you were the one right in front row… cheering us on! You’re not only my Mom, but you’re a loyal friend. One that I can count on… when I am sick & just need my Mom, when I need to vent about life, when I need a good laugh or a shoulder to lean/cry on… I can count on you. You’re my silly Sally… I love your crazy Bostonian words that you always use (Kevin’s almost ready to publish his book), I love that we have names for each other (which no one understands & I am glad), and that we are just weird… always. 

Another reason why you’re a wonderful Mom is because you’re accepting of Jaclyn and I. You let us be us. You let us love who we want to love. Instead of making us change who we are or who we want to love… You give us ways and advice on how to make it work.
You have been an amazing single Mom & you did a damn good job of it. You have given up countless hours to be my Mom, 259,322 to be exact. You put the majority of your life aside to create our lives.  You would give anything to Jaclyn and me… always thinking about our needs & wants.

Each & every day I pray to God that he will someday give me a baby girl… So I can have the same relationship and friendship that you and I have, with her.

I love you more than life itself. You’re my entire world & I do not know what I would do without you. You’re my inspiration of what I want to be as a Mom someday.

You’re amazing, Sally.
Thank you for being my Mom.
Happy Mother's Day !! 


  1. I love you too!!! I also pray that some day soon you will know the feeling of unconditional love that I have for you. <3


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