Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lovely And Oh-So-Pinteresting-- Entertaining

If you didn't notice by now.. I love entertaining. My husband always laughs at me because I want to have get together's & parties for everything. Decorating and putting together a party, to entertain family & friends is so much fun for me. 
I find myself always saying to my husband, that I cannot wait to have a bigger house, so I can have a bigger table, more chairs, more serving dishes & lots more space for entertaining-- he just rolls his eyes  & smirks :) 

Thanks to Pinterest my love for entertaining has reached a whole new level... I am literally obsessed!! I have found the most gorgeous tablescapes, I have ever seen. I honestly do not know how people can be so amazingly creative... 

Who knew that serving drinks could be so pretty & look oh-so-delicious... 

And menus !!! Where the heck has my head been & why didn't I think of doing something so awesomely creative like this?? This is on my to-do list for my next get together :) 

Doesn't Pinterest inspire you to want to throw parties/get together's every day?!

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