Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey everyone !! I bet you're as happy as I am that it is my favorite day of the week... Friday! The weeks just seem so long lately- I know the weeks are the same days and hours as always but man, they've been dragging. 

So anyways, on to my favorites for the week.. Lately, I have been looking for some different prints to put around the house. So my go-to place for them has been Etsy. They have so many & they are gorgeous!

I am thinking of putting this one in our bedroom, either replacing another print that we already have up or adding another frame. 
I love love love this one & this is most definitely going to go in our loft. 
Not exactly sure which room I would put this in, but I just think this print is gorgeous! 
This one would look amazing in the little gallery wall that I have with the little cardboard deer head in our living room. 

So what are some great places you have found that sell fun prints?!

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