Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lovely & Oh-So-Pinteresting- 4th of July

If you've followed my blog throughout the past year or so... then you know that I love all holidays. Being festive with decorations & food and spending time with family is so much fun for me! 
On our Summer Bucket List for this year, we really wanted to throw a little 4th of July get together at our house. Well, plans have changed & since our house is currently on the market... we want to keep it as clean & tidy as possible. So a party will have to wait until next year (Boo! I know!)

Just because I am not throwing a party doesn't mean that I can't plan an imaginary one with decorations and food galore. And what is better than some good ole RED, WHITE and BLUE to show that you're PROUD to be an AMERICAN. 

Here are some things that I love right now for my imaginary 4th of July party- ha! 

So what are some festive foods that you'll be making for the 4th?

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