Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

So you're probably thinking, what grown woman has a birthday wish list?! Well, this is a huge birthday for me, I will be celebrating my 30th birthday (while crying) so I should have one. I feel like having a wish list & getting some wonderful gifts will make this birthday a little less painful. I mean lets be real, who the *bleep* wants to exit out of their twenties? Not me !

So on to my wonderful birthday wish list... I thought it would only make sense to start my "grown up" thirties with a nice leather Tory Burch bag. I mean look at it, it screams 30th birthday gift, doesn't it?! And what better than a gorgeous Kate Spade planner for 2015. It is the perfect gift for me. I have lots of plans for my thirties, so this is top on my list.
I have also been dying to have one of these stamped gold bar necklaces. Etsy has so many amazing ones to choose from. They're inexpensive & are so meaningful. Since I need to make sure my thirties goes by so sllooowwwwllyy I need a nice fitted watch to help me out with that. And this fantastic gold/metallic watch will work just nicely for that. And last but not least, a white fluffy fur rug for my bedside, with some of my favorite white hydrangeas on my nightstand. 

Anyone feel free to purchase some of these goodies from my wish list. 
I promise it'll make me smile :)

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