Monday, October 27, 2014

Festive Halloween Foods

I am in shock how quickly this month has flown by... this week is Halloween already!! This time of year always seems to go by so fast because it is the time of year that everyone always looks forward to. The holidays are here & there is so much festive fun stuff to do. 
If you follow me my blog (or here on Pinterest), then I am sure you know that I am obsessed with Pinterest. It truly just amazes me how creative that people can be. I am constantly thinking, man... why didn't I think of that!? 
I mean who the heck would've thought that a simple banana & orange could turn into the cutest little ghosts & pumpkins. I cannot wait to have kids, so I have an excuse to make fun festive foods. My husband just doesn't appreciate them as much as I do- ha! 
This week these festive stuffed bell peppers are on our menu. They look so cute, but I am sure my sailor mouth will be at it while I am trying to carve out a little face on a fragile pepper. If they are successful, I'll blog about it :) 
So what are your favorite festive foods to make for Halloween, for your hubby, family and/or kids?! 

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