Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday {Fall Style} Favorites

I am sure the cool Florida weather won't last long, but for right now I am enjoying it & thinking of Fall styles. Every year I feel like I am drawn to the same few items. I love to wear a lot of layers in because the weather in Florida changes in the blink of an eye. The mornings & nights are cool & breezy, but the afternoons are still quite a scorcher. 

I am sure it'll be a little bit longer before the scarves, boots and fluffy fur vests come out; but a fall-cool-weather-loving girl can dream, right?! I love wearing jeans, it is very rare that I am not wearing them. I really love the look of distressed jeans, so these J.Crew and A&E ones are some that will most likely be added to my jean collection soon. 
Last year I noticed that there were so many awesome scarves at every single store I went to. So it only makes sense that I cannot wait to wear some again this year. There are only a few plaid prints that I am drawn to- normally I am not crazy about wearing dark colors; especially red.. but this scarf is so pretty. I know that pastels shouldn't be worn too much in the Fall and Winter, but I truly do not care. I like lighter colors a lot more than darker ones, so that is what I will wear. 
Okay, my last Fall obsession are these boots. Last year, I was so close to purchasing these Minnetonka 3-Layer Fringe boots, but for some strange reason I didn't. I think this year might be the year that they become mine. My husband hates them, but... Happy Wife, Happy Life! Right?! 

So what are you favorite Fall styles that you cannot wait to wear!? 

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