Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Future Home Ideas

Our move to a new house is quite a ways away (a million years to be exact), but I just can't help but keep planning & picking out furniture for our future home. In our new place, I plan on keeping our bedroom exactly the same as it was in our old house. I loved everything about it- the light colors & cozy feeling, long flowing drapes, & distressed wood framed gallery wall. Depending on how big our master bedroom is, I would really love to add this simple chair & ottoman from Ikea
As for our living room, I plan on using the same tan sectional & ottoman with some of the white fluffy Pottery Barn pillows that we already have. I found an aqua colored pillow from West Elm that I love & that is when I decided that I wanted to incorporate that into our non-existent living room. I want to keep things light & airy throughout the house, so this will be perfect. We are also going to need a new entertainment unit for our TV- we threw ours away before we moved. And I have been eyeing this white Ikea one for a long time. It is a great price & seems to be pretty quality material. 
Now on to a room that I plan on completely redoing & buying everything brand new. I mean what fun would moving into a new house be if everything inside of it were going to be the same, right ?! (my mom & husband are cringing right now...
Like I mentioned before, I really love distressed wood, so I have been looking everywhere for an inexpensive, nice dining table in that material. I came across this dining table & buffet from Ikea. The minute I saw this picture, I knew that I wanted it all! Distressed wood + white & wicker chairs + fake fur draped over chairs = dining room heaven. 
I really hope that all of this stuff is still available in a million years the next several months because I will be super bummed if it is not. Although I am sure I'll change my mind a few more times before we move into a house. In the meantime, this is my wish list... 
Seems like Ikea has a lot of very nice, inexpensive pieces right now... what are some things that you love about Ikea? 

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