Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Munchies

I hope ya'll had a good Halloween !! The weather here in Florida was perfect for trick or treaters- it was cool & windy with no rain for once. 

So now that we're back to our regular non-festive foods, I found some new recipes. And I know it is Monday & you're probably expecting some meatless meals, but these are not. I am sure you can easily remove the meat in them all & they would be just as good though. All of these recipes seem pretty simple and easy to prepare, which is super helpful for the busy work weeks. 

Lately, we've been eating quite a bit of salmon. It is so delicious & such a nice change from chicken. Add an asian twist to it & I am all over it! 
Sometimes cooking dinner every night for family becomes quite a challenge, especially when we are always all working late all the time. So casserole dishes are so nice to be able to make & just heat up during the busy nights. 
And these are some that I am excited to try out... they truly looks & sound so yummy! 
Chicken pizza, broccoli chicken mac & cheese, fried pickles, and bacon & brussel sprout salad... oh goodness! 

So what are some of your go-to meals that you cook for your family during a busy work week!?

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