Monday, January 12, 2015

Work It !

One of the thousand New Year's resolutions that I have for 2015 was to workout at least 4 to 5 days a week. And I am happy to say that I have been to the gym/exercised several times since the new year has begun. To be honest, I am sore all over & I feel like I may never be able to lift my arms above my head ever again! I also feel like a square peg in a round hole. Going to the gym tends to give me a bit of anxiety- probably a mixture of feeling self-conscious & not sure if I look as ridiculous as I feel. So on a positive note (another resolution), I am hoping with time it'll become part of my routine. That the weight will come off & I will feel better about myself. And that exercising will become an important part of my life that I love rather than dread. 

So I thought what better way to love working out then to have some awesome workout gear. Just recently, I picked up some really comfortable workout pants from Walmart (yes, Walmart!). They were inexpensive & I surprisingly really like them. I also really like the quality & comfort of workout pants from A&E & Victoria's Secret. Both stores have a wide variety for all body types. 
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When Target was having their sales, I picked several flowy, breathable tanks. They are very similar to the ones above from Gap. For me, other than comfortable pants that don't ride up your ass every five minutes, having a good fitting sneaker is also super important. For me cardio is my forced best friend right now, so I need a good pair & these Nike's are both amazing & fit so well! 
The past few days have been semi-easy to get to the gym because I have been on vacation from work. So my plan is to go to the gym straight after work during the week, so I need want a cute bag to lug around all my crap to & from. These Vera Bradley ones are so colorful & spacey. I definitely have my eye on the two prints above. 

Other than some awesome workout gear, I am really needing a playlist to get keep me going while I am exercising. So what are you go to jams for when you work out? 
Let me know below... 

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