Monday, February 23, 2015

Upgrade This, Upgrade That

A few weeks ago, we went to our Design Appointment for our new house. Luckily, we had an idea of what we wanted & how much we had to spend because when we wrote up our contract several of the upgrades were already made. 
So when we went to our appointment we knew that we had to stay within our budget... no matter what! We knew that we had to stay away from fancy upgrades & stick to the realistic things we wanted. And I have to say, we did a pretty good job.
The whole point of buying/building a new larger home is so my husband and I can start making babies, so if we upgraded everything that my little heart desired we wouldn't have money for little baby Raulerson's. 

Anyways, on to the upgrades...
As for the colors that are going to be throughout the interior of the house, it is all neutral. We went with tan, ivory and whites throughout the house. The only thing that is not white, which I wanted more than anything, are the kitchen cabinets. I truly never thought that white cabinets would break the bank. So needless to say, our kitchen is a lot different than I imagined it would be but I know it is going to be beautiful with the choices we made. We did quite a few upgrades for the interior- 
We put crown molding & blinds throughout the entire house. Added a bay window in our master bedroom, which was my dream! We also upgraded the level of granite (in the kitchen), cabinets & elevation. We added extra shower heads in our massive shower & upgraded some of the faucets. And we also got my favorite french door with drawers refrigerator. And a few other little things here & there...
Bathroom Cabinets & Countertops || Tile Floor & White Shower Tile
All Interior Color Options 
As for the exterior of our house, my husband chose the colors. Personally, I wanted light grey house color, ivory trim, and black door. He, on the other hand, did not. So he chose dark grey house color, pure white trim, and black door. It, again, is not what I imagined but the more I look at the pictures of the colors, the more I like it. We also added a set of gorgeous carriage lights for the front of the house. Due to the square footage of the house, it came with a covered patio- this saved us thousands of dollars. It was a must have for us & we love it! 
Ignore the yellow & the light grey. We only picked the white trim & the dark grey. 
Overall, we are super happy with the selections that we made; of coarse, if we had a money tree there would have been lots of other things we would have upgraded but this is the real world! And my pinterest dream inspiration pictures are just going to have to wait for my next lifetime about another 15 years to come to life. Ha! 
So now we are just waiting on appraisals & permits. We cannot wait until they break ground & starting building our new home

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