Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Munchies

One of our most favorite meals that we cook at least once a week is tacos. Normally, just your normal beef tacos with lots of delicious toppings and a side of beans. As much as we love to eat them, the same beef tacos get a little boring each week. I figured that I would browse good ole Pinterest to get some new ideas for our favorite meal. 

There are such a wide variety of different ways to spruce up tacos & they all look so delicious! When we were on vacation we had pulled beef brisket tacos & they were incredible. I have been really wanting to try a crispy chipotle chicken taco & found this recipe which looks scrumptious! There is a vegetarian taco that I have been wanting to try too, they are the honey-lime sweet potato/black bean/corn tacos
And then there are weeks that I want Mexican food, but not necessarily tacos. I found some yummy things that we can switch out for tacos every now and then. Doesn't this Vegan 7-Layer Mexican dip look delish!? 
So what are some of your favorite mexican dishes?! 

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