Sunday, October 15, 2017

Annual Beach Vacation 2017

In August, by husband & I took our annual little beach vacation in Saint Augustine. This year we were counting down the days months in advance; we desperately needed this vacation. 

We had no plans whatsoever for our trip & that is what I loved most. Waking up with no alarm, going to the beach as we please with no work meetings & no Barkley wake up calls was exactly what we needed. Since we were in the hurricane season, the normal afternoon showers came each day... but the last day we were there it stormed so bad & was actually really scary!

This time around we barely went to the pool at all because we spent the majority of our time at the beach. It was amazing!! We got super tan & just laid out all day long listening to our favorite country jams. One day we also went to downtown Saint Augustine & we found some really awesome little shops which we spent way too much money at. We have both lived in Florida for the majority of our live's & the beauty of this state, especially this sweet city we call Home will forever amaze us with its beauty. 

We are already counting down until our annual trip in 2018. 

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