Monday, February 5, 2018

Oh Baby Boy

On January 26 - Kevin & I went for an early ultrasound to figure out the gender of our baby. I was almost 16 weeks so there was a good chance that we would be able to see the baby's little privates. Kevin was back & forth for weeks on whether or not we should find out during our appointment or wait until the family gender reveal that we were hosting the following weekend. In the end we decided to find out just the two of us at our appointment. 

The ultrasound tech was able to determine it right away -- it is a BOY !! I knew deep down that it was a boy the entire time. Kevin seemed to be a bit shocked & kept asking the tech if the baby's parts could just be swollen. She insisted that she got the money shot & it was indeed a little boy. I've always dreamt of myself having a girl. So having a boy is going to be a different experience then what I've imagined but I cannot wait for this sweet boy. Part of me feels that this was God's way of giving me back something I lost in my life the last few years - my Dad & Grandpa passed away & they were the two men who meant most to me. So a boy is just what my heart needs. Next time around it'll be a girl ! 

After our appointment we went to Buy Buy Baby to look at some stuff we registered for & to pick up a few gender specific outfits for this little baby boy. And I told a few of my closest friends. The week leading up to the gender reveal was so hard. I've never kept a secret from my mom this long before - it was torture & I almost slipped a bunch of times. 

February 3 was the special day - I've planned this day in my head long before I was even pregnant. This pregnancy journey, even through the difficult parts, is a total dream/answered prayers. 
So for the decorations, I pretty much kept it simple. Tons of pink & blue balloons, gorgeous flowers, a banner, white oreos with pink & blue, Panera brunch foods & Krispy Kreme donuts filled with BLUE. 

Let's let the pictures explain the rest... 
So incredibly excited to meet our baby boy, Brantley Emory. 

Brantley Emory Raulerson
July 2018

Excited Grandma !! 

Count down... 3

Count down... 2

Count down 1... It's a BOY !! 

Krispy Kreme Donuts - Blue for Baby Boy 

Barkley - Poor little guys life is about to be flipped upside down.

Kevin & I sending off wishes to above with our balloons... 

We cannot wait to meet you our sweet baby boy, Brantley Emory

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