Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Letter to My Baby

Dear Brantley, 

As we come down to the last final weeks of you being in mommy's tummy, I wanted to write you a letter. In the beginning of my pregnancy with you, we went through a few big scares together. It was scary & I worried about you so much but you proved early on that you are a fighter. As the weeks went by, you continued to grow & so did my heart. 
I prayed to God every single day that you would continue to grow strong & healthy and stay put until it was close to your due date. 

In the beginning when I felt you move, it felt like you were a tiny little butterfly. You started to get bigger and stronger & no longer felt like a butterfly but more like a karate instructor. When you move around in my tummy, I will give you a little poke and you always poke me back... almost like you're telling me that everything is still going alright in there. You moving all around is my most favorite part of being pregnant with you - something just you & I experience together and no one else. 

With every kick & punch from you, I cannot help but daydream about what you will look like - will you look like me or will you look like your daddy? So far you're proving that you have your daddy's gene's because you're a big boy which means you might get to meet us a little sooner than we planned. 

While you've been in my tummy, I've tried my very best to keep you safe & healthy and I promise to do the same thing when you are welcomed into my arms.

We promise lots of things but here are a few...
... to always keep your safe & protect you from evil.
... to make you laugh & strive to keep you happy.
... to accept & love you for who you are.
... to always be in your corner.

You're a dream come true, Brantley. We cannot wait to meet you.

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