Sunday, September 9, 2012

Home Decor & More...

Well the house decorating continues... as does my obsession with wicker baskets. Blame it on the Target isle that is home to the brand Smith & Hawken. The addiction strong liking for these items has lead to me buying! 

My two newbies have found their home in our loft [which has a decorating status of In Process much like the rest of our house] & I love them in there, but I might move one to a different room [indecisive decorator- that's me]

My remaining wish list items for the Loft are: 
Wall Art [see from recent post]  
More Storage Units [for the unseen wall]

Not too much more, but that is a good thing because I have ideas for the rest of the house. 

My wish list items for Our bedroom are:
I am really looking for some accessories to put on our dresser- I found some Pottery Barn "jars" & "urns" but I would use them as vases. Some of them are a little extremely pricey, so I am on the prowl for a look-a-like version [while secretly hoping they go on sale]. 

I am also searching for a full length mirror- I really want something that has a cream or white trim. I found a gorgeous one from Etsy, but again... it is very pricey. Unfortunately, I will probably have to find something else that is more budget friendly. 

My wish list items for Our Living Room are:
I am, again, dying for something... and I will have them within a week or two. They are amazingly soft and fluffy Pottery Barn pillows. I absolutely love white and cream together! It is very risky to do this because my husband is a slob little messy, but it is worth the risk. 

My husband and I visited my beloved Pottery Barn store... BAM! Right under my feet was this oh-so-lovely rug. My husband is not too crazy about it, but I don't care too much think it will grow on him. I mean he does say "whatever you like, I like". So I am saving up my money for this gorgeous item...  

Well enough of my wish list for one night... Good night! 

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