Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lovely & Oh So Pinteresting...

Thanks to Pinterest, I have fallen in love with the chalkboard trend. I am pretty sure that I want to add one in our loft, but I am just not too sure if I can commit to the chalkboard wall paint [my indecisiveness rules again]. I love doodling and drawing, so this would definitely be fun !! 

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I also really love the idea of a photo wall collage. We have a large space in our entry way, which I think would be a very cool place to put one of these. I like the idea of using letters or numbers within the mixture of pictures. I really like black & white frames that are all different sizes- it makes it look very clean & not too cluttered. The canvas prints are pretty awesome too.

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Sometimes Pinterest brings on some decorating ideas that my husband would probably consider unpractical, but I think they are quite necessary. One of those would be a chandelier in the kitchen. I am sure you're thinking who has a chandelier in their kitchen ?! Well I think it makes an average kitchen look high end and fancy. 
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I think I might need to take a break from Pinterest-- my Honey Do List and Wish List are both about 5 miles long.
Well, happy pinning!!  

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