Monday, September 24, 2012

Never Ending Wish List...

It seems that I have the Never Ending Wish List when it comes to decorating our house. I am happy and so excited that I have been able to check off a few items off of my wish list, but it seems like for every one item I check off, I add another four item(s). I wish when you bought a new house they would give you a few thousand dollars allowance or a genie in a bottle [both would be so fantastic!] for decorating. 

I have been looking for a light to put up in our entry way. Ideally, I would want a very grand chandelier [don't we all ?!]... but that'll have to wait for the day I have a grand entry way. Until then, these are some pendants that I am drooling lusting over.

[Pottery Barn]
They aren't too over the top & reasonable prices. So we will see which one finds a home in our entry way [hopefully soon- Christmas is right around the corner. Hubby I hope you see this!]. It is really too bad I cannot get all three and just change them out throughout the year... my husband would just love that idea. Ha!  

While we are on the lighting talk... my mom and I visited a local Yogurt shop a few months back and I saw these awesome pendant/chandelier that I loved there! So since then I have been on the search to find a look a like... and I found one ! It is from Ikea and I think it would look amazing in our loft. 

What do ya think?! Pretty fun, huh!?

Over this past weekend, we had a little family get together at our house [which I loved!], but we still do not have much seating for everyone. This lead me on the prowl, yet again... And I found this cute little table at Target for our kitchen. Nothing too special, but I think it would look good.

So anyone who wants to buy the items above for me for my birthday [which is on Wednesday, September 26] feel free to !!

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