Saturday, September 22, 2012


Well lets just say I got bit by the "DIY" bug... My first attempt at a DIY/mini renovation was an all time failure !! I had a storage cabinet [been around since before I was born] that I wanted to spray paint a white color to match the rest of the furniture in our loft. 
So early on a Saturday morning- my husband and I set up a sheet in the garage [reminder for next time! garage as no ventilation !] & the spray painting began... 
My husband started to spray first, as I was still a bit unsure of all of this DIY crap stuff ! After about 4 or 5 minutes in I knew that this DIY project was one of the worst ideas I've had in a while !! At this point I had spray paint up my damn nose ! Yes, you read that right... spray paint up my damn nose ! So [if you know me], I had a complete utter meltdown and was in freak out, panic mode! And to top it off... I completely ruined a piece of furniture that was 20+ years old [oh no big deal] and the stank spray paint smell had made its way into my house...  
So at this point I am sure you're wondering where this oh so lovely piece of furniture ended up ?! In a dumpster a few miles away... I would have posted a picture but it was way too embarrassing and I wanted it removed ASAP! 

So if that disaster wasn't enough... I decided that I wanted to do a little craft project with buttons. I got the idea from Pinterest project that I had done before [see here] which I thought I did an okay job. I had extra buttons and wanted to do something for the Fall. So I got a few pieces of white paper, a glue gun, and my left over buttons. I laid out all of the buttons to spell "Give Thanks" didn't look that great when I was done [burning the shit out of my fingers], so I asked my husband what he thought. From his facial expression alone I knew that it too was an epic fail! [AGAIN!] So the two of us began ripping off every button off the paper and removing the glue off the back of! I decided that the word "Fall" would be better... I tried for the second and third time!! And I ended up with shit below... 

As you can see... it looks like "Ball"! So, again... I am sure you're wondering where this million dollar art work is now ?! It is going in the trash can & will be waiting at the end of the drive way for the trash pickers or garage man. 
To make matters much more embarrassing... my family came over and they passed it around the room to see if everyone could guess what it said.. and you guessed it- they all said "Ball"! My sweet Grandpa actually thought he was holding it upside down and that is why he couldn't figure out it said Fall. Ha!  
If one good thing came out of these 2 disasters is that my husband now understands why I want to buy everything & never ever do DIY projects. I am very creative, but I am absolutely terrible at the execution. I give props to all of these DIY Queens on all the blogs I read that whip up a perfectly sewn curtain, swiftly hot glue buttons to create beautiful wall art, and those who quickly paint a nasty piece of furniture that they found at a garage sale and turn it into a Pottery Barn look alike [so annoying!]. 

So if you're looking for a good DIY project [other than wreath making] you're most definitely on the wrong blog! 

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