Sunday, December 9, 2012

17 Sleeps Until Christmas...

Decorating the entire house with Christmas decorations has officially began and I am LOVING every single minute of it. This time last year all of our belongings were packed in boxes and we were moving into our first home- we were so busy we didn't really get to enjoy all that the Holidays have to offer. So this year I am taking full advantage of everything!

When I say everything, I mean two Christmas trees (upstairs and downstairs), glittery DIY garland, wreaths, and icicle lights outside, Christmas movies always on (unless Duck Dynasty is on), and baking cinnamon ornaments in the oven...

Bath and Body Works snowflake plugins (Winter) in every room

Snowmen galore-- Call me what you will...a hoarder or obsessed, I don't care . 

I get so excited with the holidays especially Christmas and I want the time to slow down... we wait all year for this time to come and I am not ready for it to fly by. 

So... Santa Claus, take your time in the North Pole...  

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