Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

From the minute I knew what Pottery Barn was I became hooked, obsessed, in love... So it would only be right that our first real Christmas tree (downstairs tree) had to be inspired by good ole PB. So here was my inspiration tree...

After being temped with the tons of PB magazines and falling in love with every single ornament on the Arctic tree, I knew I needed to begin shopping. I truly lucked out because I was able to purchase tons of the ornaments when PB had their 30% off ornaments, so I was absolutely thrilled
Although the majority of the ornaments on the tree are from the PB Arctic tree, I did add some clear class bulbs & snowflakes from Target and some cute little woodland creatures from Walgreens. 

Here are some of the ornaments that I used on the tree- I stuck with golds, silvers, & creams/whites.

Warning: My tree is not as big and extravagant; nor does it have the impeccable view. 

The tree is still a work in progress... (Shhh ! Don't tell my husband!) I am pleased with the way it looks thus far; although there are a few bare sections that need to be filled, but don't you worry... I will not have a problem doing so. 

We also have a fake tree upstairs in our loft. It was our first tree we ever had together and was the perfect size for when we lived in our apartment. It has an assortment of ornaments that we have collected throughout the past few years. They're so adorable and I love every single one of them. I seriously do not know how I ever went with just one Christmas tree. I love having two because I love all of my ornaments so much I wouldn't want to leave any out. 

17 sleeps until Christmas... Goodnight! 

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