Friday, December 28, 2012

Blown Away...

After waiting seven long months after buying the tickets, the time came to drive to Orlando for the best concert- Carrie Underwood. I have been a fan of Carrie Underwood since she won American Idol. She is seriously amazing !! 

My friend and I were so excited to get away for the weekend... So we headed on down and stayed at the Crown Plaza Orlando Downtown. We chose it because it was super close to the concert, clean & nice, and they provided a shuttle to & from the concert which was convenient. 
Our room was so spacious & staff was extremely polite, so I would definitely stay there again. Oh yeah... and the shower was ah-mazzingg! It had a standard shower head, a rain shower head, and 4 body sprayers-- it was heavenly

Carrie Underwood is more incredible in person, then she is on TV or CD's, which is hard to come by from most artists. After a few opening songs, Carrie started chatting it up with the audience & to my surprise she was so, so sick! You almost couldn't understand her when she was talking; but you would have never noticed she was sick while she was performing. She's a true artist
Her outfit was spectacular, she had a floating stage, glitter/confetti, beach balls, etc... I would definitely, without a doubt go to a million more of her concerts. 

The next day we headed on out to IKEA. My friend had never been before and there was no way on earth I would go to Orlando & not stop into good ole IKEA. I seriously could stay in that store and browse forever. It is really too bad that the closest one to Jacksonville is Orlando. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for this shopping trip, but I still made out with some goodies.

I got a new lamp for our bedroom, a cute little planet/utensil holder for the kitchen, and a super cute blanket ("Kardashian" blanket as my bestie calls it). They all look so good in my house, which makes me want to take another shopping trip for more stuff.

Plant Holder Hung- Thanks to Hubs! 

New Glass Lamp (Left) || Old White Lamp (Right)
My husband has taken over my "Kardashian" blanket
It was a nice getaway & I had such a great time-- cannot wait for another one with my bestie. 

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