Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas has come & gone...

Am I the only one who just can not believe that Christmas has come & gone... And the New Year {2013} is approaching fasstt!?

This Christmas was special to me several reasons... This was our first Christmas that we were able to enjoy in our first home together. And let me tell you... I was decorating and adding a few last minute touches to our house up to the day of Christmas. 

We celebrated our One Year in our home together with our family for a cookie exchange, which was oh so yummy! Now that we have purchased our home, it makes me want to always have family & friends over to enjoy it. 

I was also excited because it was my little baby nephews first Christmas & hubs and I bought him all these cute teething toys & such... Baby Caleb so so adorable and I absolutely love watching my husband love on him. I pray that this time next year we are able to start a family of our own because I know he's going to be an amazing Daddy someday. 

Starting new traditions with breakfast at our house on Christmas morning. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, OJ & more....

Driving around looking at Christmas lights, watching Christmas movies, exchanging gifts with my loved ones-- they're all things that I look forward to doing. 

People are so creative when it comes to holiday decorating... especially when it comes to outside lights. I just wonder how much their electric bill is at the end of the holiday season. 

I have already been eyeing some cute Christmas decorations on Pinterest for next year... I hate to wish the year away, but man... this is the best time of the year ! 

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