Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Christmas Goodies...

15 sleeps until Christmas?! Yikes !! Time is flying by so quickly... I want it to slloooowww dooowwnnn.

So lately my crafty side has come out, which if you know me... then you know that this could turn out amazing or an absolute disaster. I would like to assure you that this time around my craft sessions turned out just right.

So this Christmas season, I have really been loving garland- paper & felt are ones I like most. And I got some inspiration from my favorite blog, Little Baby Garvin. So last Saturday I dragged (literally!!) my husband to Michael's to pick up some supplies for my DIY garland project. 

You need the following: 3 sheets of card stock (red, white, and a pink glitter); hot glue gun (warning: you'll probably burn the shit out of your fingertips), and some string. When we got home, I traced the shape of garland I wanted on paper & cut it out. Then I made a million (it seriously felt like it) little cutouts & cut them out. Lastly, glue each & everyone one onto the string... and BAM ! you have your pretty garland. I hung ours on a mirror in our entry way. According to my husband, this was my first successful DIY project & I only used the F bomb 20 a few times. 

I love it !! & I seriously am thinking about putting some up year round... I'll definitely be changing the colors too. 

Now, on to the next craft... Cinnamon ornaments. They're so yummy smelling (but oh so messy to make). What you'll need is some apple sauce, a bottle of cinnamon, a straw, cookie cutters, rolling pin, and plastic wrap. 
It is pretty simple-- Just mix the ingredients (3/4 cup of applesauce and entire bottle of cinnamon) in a bowl, then grab a handful of the mixture & roll it out on the plastic wrap. Put your cookie cutter to use, tear off excess dough, and use a straw to make a hole. You'll then bake in oven on 200 for 2 hours. When the cinnamon ornaments are finished baking, place on a baking rack until completely dry. 

Warning: Your house is going to smell amazing!! 

I placed the mine in a jar in the kitchen for now. I am sure I will end up hanging them on the tree or maybe on giving them out on gifts. Who knows?! 

We are having a little cookie exchange/celebrating a year in our home this weekend, so I have got some more DIY crafts up my sleeve. 

I'll write about it soon...Don't get too excited!!!

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