Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bathroom Pinspiration..

I've been on the prowl on Pinterest for shelving ideas for our downstairs bathroom. You can see here some of my Pinspiration that I found. Our bathroom doesn't have any storage or anywhere to put fun accessories, which I am obsessed with so I knew I needed to get some shelving in there ASAP. 

So, I bought 2 white shelves from Target & had my [oh-so-wonderful, handy] hubs put them up for me.  

I picked up the super cute accessories on the top shelf from good ole Target. On the second shelf, my hubs picked up the owl from West Elm & the towels are from Home Goods [animal print] and Target [white]. 

I seriously am loving how the bathroom has turned out-- It definitely fits who my husband and I are. 
I love, love, love the cardboard deer that we have hanging up too. I bought it for K several years ago... It is on the wall when you walk into the bathroom. It looks great with the striped towels & looks even better with the other little creatures on the shelf. 

The shelves definitely add some character to the bathroom... 

Before (left) & After (right)
I still want to get a little basket for the shelf to keep some items that I don't particularly want sitting out on the open shelf. I found one a cute wire one from Crate and Barrel with an ivory insert. 

I really like it and the dimensions are good, so we will see... 
Also would like to paint sometime, but it is not a huge deal because I am still loving my clean white walls that cover our entire house. 

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