Sunday, February 17, 2013

Be My Valentine...

Obviously Valentine's Day has come and gone, but I really wanted to do a little post about V-day. As with most holidays, I love to decorate so as you can image I decorated for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately this year I was not too prepared (you wait until next year), but what we did have was very cute ! Don't you agree ?!

On my weekly shopping trip to Target I spotted these cute little mailboxes-- they were only a dollar (such a steal!). Then I found some yummy Hersey kisses and I knew that it would be a cute idea for a Valentine's Day goodies for my candy lovin' hubs.

With a busy work week I didn't have much planned for Valentine's Eve dinner. So we had chicken salad on a biscuit and a scoop of potato salad-- of coarse it had to be on heart plates. And hubs stopped by Whole Foods and picked me up so gorgeous flowers. I love the feeling of our house filled with flowers (my allergies don't though).  

I will be more prepared next year and plan on having more decorations, gift ideas for my darling husband, and some yummy goodies to eat. 

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