Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home Accessory Tour-- Loft

After a year, the U-HAUL moving boxes have been replaced by white shelving units; bare walls covered with cute matted frames, and the plain carpet with a fluffy white faux fur rug ! And I freaking love it ! I really wanted to make sure that there was enough storage space in there because one day it will a little ones play room. I also wanted to make sure that all the colors were neutral colors-- for no reason other than because I love them and it is easy to mix up accessories with it. Also because even though some day it will be a play room, I hate for open space to be completely kiddie looking, with blues and pinks (eekk!!). 

Anyways, kids are a few years away... so I am making this space something I like ! There are still accessories that I want to buy & I really am thinking about rearranging things, but things are looking good for now. 

Pictures of my loves, love for owls, & childhood books... 
Books & Owls 
...More owls (Kirkland's)
Felt Target Basket 
Target frames & Owl (Kohl's)
Chalkboard Basket (Target)
Faux Fur Rug (Home Decorators)
Now I just need to continue working on finishing the collage wall (you can see it here) and pick up an awesome light from IKEA... I have my eye on one in particular and I think it will look great in the loft. 

Well I'll keep ya updated on the progress... 


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