Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lovely and Oh So Pinteresting...

Here's to another Lovely and Oh So Pinteresting post... And it'll be the wall collage. I love the look of wall galleries, especially the white & black over-sized mat frames. I've been on the prowl for some good frames and Target and Pottery Barn have awesome ones! 

Here are some of my favorite frame collages that I have found on Pinterest lately. 

1 || 2 || 3 || 4
After seeing these amazing walls, I knew that I wanted to create something like this in our loft on the completely bare, white wall. So I purchased 3 black and 2 white matted frames from Target; they're are well made and very inexpensive. I also want to mix in some brown frames too, but unfortunately they don't make them at Target. Lucky for me though, they make they at Pottery Barn and are currently on sale (sorry bank account).

Here is what the wall in the loft looks like thus far... 

Warning: This is a work in progress & at this point it looks a bit awkward !

Waiting to be hung my  hubs... 

Awkward phase and in need of more... 

Up close & personal 
I was going to wait until the end to post the wall pictures because lets be real-- it looks a bit ridiculous. But I figured what the hell... it can be a work in progress post to look back on. 

I have a vision for the wall just sometimes it takes a bit to put it all together. Hubs and I went to Town Center this weekend to pick up some zinc letters from Anthropologie, but the only ones they had were a bit damaged, so I am making a trip back this weekend to pick some up [cross your fingers]. I'll pick up a J and a K and someday when we have little ones we can add their initials to the wall too.  

I also want to pick up some brown mat frames from Pottery Barn too since they're on sale. Chances are I will be ordering them from online since I didn't see them in store last weekend, but we will see. 

Well please stick around for the final wall collage... It is going to be great !!  

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