Monday, February 25, 2013

Living Room Wish List...

Well... if you you know me or read my blog before then you know I am the Queen of Wish Lists (aren't we all ?!). I just always have different home decorating ideas running rampant in my head all the time. 

I just want our house to be exactly what I want-- I know it will take time and not over night, so that's why I have about 82 wish lists (my husband is thrilled about this...). So anyways, when we first purchased our living room furniture about three years ago- we have every intention on only keeping it a short period of time & moving on. We did just that... our new gorgeous sectional & ottoman will be here this weekend and I could not be more excited! 

Isn't she a beauty ?! Yup !!

When we moved into our house we had a decent size TV, then my husband got this genius idea to purchase a 55", but we never bought a new TV stand (bad idea!). It looks so hilarious because a 55" is clearly way too big for the stand now. So, that brings me to my next Wish List item...

Oh my goodness this makes my heart skip a beat !! It is completely, utterly perfect for our living room. I love it and I think it is such a good investment for the future... with all of the storage it will be fantastic to hide little ones toys some day. Cannot wait to check this off my wish list-- hopefully sooner than later. 

We are doing away with all of our living room furniture, so we need an end table to be replaced... and good ole IKEA has done it again. I found these cute, simple end tables. I like the brown but sort of leaning towards white because of the entertainment center I am dying over. So we will see... 

Now on to living room accessories that I want...

Anthropologie Vase 
West Elm Creatures  
You're probably thinking... that's all for accessories?! Yup...that's all, for now :) [West Elm Creatures have been purchased-- excited!]

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