Sunday, March 3, 2013

Home Accessory Tour-- Kitchen

Yet another Home Accessory Tour, bet you're super excited !! [insert sarcasm!] I love being able to document the progress of our home and how much it has come along in a little over a year. For two years, when we were living in our apartment all I wanted to do was decorate; but there really didn't seem to be a point because we wouldn't be there very long. So to be able to decorate our house the way that I want to is awesome! Also the feeling of our house finally becoming a home feels amazing.  

By now, I am sure you noticed that I am obsessed with all shades of white, tan, and any neutral colors. So expect that in the kitchen because that is exactly what you're going to get. Like it or not... I do! 

So on to the kitchen accessories... 
DIY Wall Art-- See here for more details on the how to... 

Almond KitchenAid Mixer and West Elm Owl Cookie Jar 

Pottery Barn Canister 


Williams-Sonoma Towels 
Things are coming together nicely. Everything is so clean and not too cluttered... Clutter seriously makes me cringe
Guess what?! There are currently no items that I need/want for the kitchen when it comes to decorating. Are you shocked ?! [[surely my husband is if he is reading this.]] I honestly have everything I want in the kitchen when it comes to decorating... Now I just have to learn how to cook more, so I can enjoy the kitchen. 

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