Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Adventures...

Lately, the weekends have been my favorite ! Normally my husband has to work the majority of the weekend, but he hasn't the past few. 
Last weekend my husband and I woke up super early-- drove out to the beach to watch the sunset & I got some pretty awesome pictures. The weather was cool and breezy... and I seriously loved every single minute of it! 

The sky was so heavenly and peaceful... I could have stayed there forever. 

On Sunday, my husband woke up and said he has plans for the day for us-- we went to an early movie, then took a ride around town (town = straight up country). Seems weird that we just drove around town, but I honestly like that time together. It is so nice to be able to just cruise around, talk/laugh about everything, and if you know my husband then you know that we will definitely always stop into some hillbilly store. 

This weekend we did just that... as we pulled into the parking lot of Hillbillies R Us (just kidding-- It was called Tractor Supply) I saw a sign that said Baby Ducks Available and I was all in. 

The wittle babies were the cutest things I ever saw... I wanted ALL of them, but the hubs said "No!" (always raining on my parade). I left pouting without a cute little ducky and hubs left all smiles because he purchased yet another camo hat.   

On the way back to civilization we stopped for some lunch and to do some furniture shopping- we purchased a new sectional, which I am so excited about. I'll post more about that later ;)

Well... hope everyone had a good weekend like we did.  

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