Thursday, February 21, 2013

Home Accessory Tour- Bedroom/Bathroom

When we first moved into our house it took me forever to decorate !! My plan was to decorate one room at a time, but that didn't happen. It is a lot of this and that in every room... Although there is a lot more decorating that needs to be done...there has been a lot of progress. I am sure it'll take a while for it to be exactly what I want, but I am good with that because I love shopping & decorating !  

Our bedroom/bathroom is the room that is coming along the most when it comes to decorating, although there a few accessories here and there that need to be purchased. 

Warning: This is my own personal style, I am not a decorator and I have an obsession with baskets...  

Etsy Prints in Ivory frames from Target 
Chalkboard basket 

Chalkboard Basket and Glass Luminary Holder 
Hallmark Owl and IKEA glass lamp

Target Shelf and hydrangeas

I really like the way that things are coming together... Lots of creams, white and a tiny bit of color-- just how I like it ! Only thing I would change would be that I really wish that we had some paint on the walls, but we've done things ass backwards. 

Here are some things that I would love to add to our little love nest... 

IKEA full length mirror 
PB Shower Curtain 
Other than those few items I think our room will be good to go !! 

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